How To Do “Nothing” When There’s Nothing To Do: Rest Days

With all of this extra time on our hands, we’ve been burdened with the task to “fill the voids”… and many of us (myself included) often turn to our daily workout to keep ourselves going. We set aside our one hour a day (or for some of us, more than one) to shut out the rest of the world and push our bodies to their limits. Equipment or not, we’ve learned that at-home fitness is truly achievable, and more importantly, effective. But is there such a thing as too much at-home fitness?

During a time where we are clinging on to fitness as our life raft, we struggle to remember the importance of rest days. When we are at the gym, we find a comfortable spot in our schedules for these rest days. We are engaging in all of these high intensity workouts with all of this fancy equipment, our bodies deserve a rest day so we can recover, repair, and regain our intensity! Believe it or not, the same thing applies now. But we manage to find one million reasons why we feel we don’t need one! These are stressful times– this is how we relieve our stress! How else am I going to fill up my time? I’m doing mostly bodyweight workouts… I’m not really going that hard…

Hear me out… we are so thrilled and proud that you’re sticking with us and working so hard during this unprecedented time…
However, rest days are still extremely important! Equipment or not, the high intensity workouts we’re engaging in on a daily basis initiate a stress response in our bodies that, in the long term, can actually have relatively counterproductive effects.


To put things in a nutshell

◊ Cortisol is your body’s stress hormone. When you exercise, your body releases cortisol.
◊ Increased cortisol levels = increased blood glucose levels (from breakdown of protein in muscles): ensuring our brains, muscles, and tissues have enough energy to function.
◊ Short Term Benefits of Cortisol: regulation of glucose metabolism, breakdown of fat, reduction of inflammation and regulation of blood pressure.

In order to fully benefit from the effects of Cortisol in our bodies, we need to give our bodies enough time to return to our “baseline” levels (by taking rest/recovery days).

The long term effects of elevated Cortisol levels are less desirable and even counterproductive to most of our goals:
◊ Fat gain
◊ Fatigue
◊ High Blood Pressure
◊ Higher susceptibility to infection (due to suppressed immune system)
◊ Excessive breakdown of muscle tissue


In the CrossFit Level 1 Guide, the suggested templates for working out always include rest days– the two templates we see outlined are a “3 days on, 1 day off” pattern and a “5 days on, 2 days off” pattern that better reflects the average person’s work schedule. Now that our work schedules are likely abnormal, these may seem less relevant…
However the CF-L1 Guide suggests that “athletes can work at or near the highest intensities possible for three straight days, but by the fourth day, both neuromuscular function and anatomy are hammered to the point where continued work becomes noticeably less effective and impossible without reducing intensity.” Intensity is what yields our desired results, therefore we must do what we can to maintain intensity. In this case, it’s incorporating things like “Active Recovery Days” and “Rest Days.”

What’s the difference?

Active recovery days incorporate low intensity movement in order to increase blood flow enough to clear out any enzymes that are responsible for muscle damage and fatigue, which can lead to delayed onset muscle soreness, or “DOMS.” On these days, we’re looking for an easy, restorative, comfortable pace.

Rest days are when we do just that– rest! Though not as exciting, we need days where our body (and our mind)  is under little to no stress. This does not mean you stay in bed all day and quite literally do nothing. It means we direct our focus toward  accomplishing goals and tasks throughout the day that do not revolve around fitness. We should not feel guilty for taking days like these!

You will not undo all of your hard work with a day of rest!

What are some things we can do on active recovery days?
Here are some suggestions:
•Walk the dog
•Yoga, stretching, mobilization, ROMWOD
•Play a sport (what a great time to try out NEW sports)
•Row, Canoe, Kayak

How do we crush a rest day?
Try these on for size:
•Get adequate sleep
•Eat well (and enough!)
•Stretch, mobilize, foam roll
•Make a to-do list for the day to stay on task
•Set some short-term goals for the next few days
•Meal prep

These lists are not all-inclusive… They go on and on. Each and every one of us is different, so be sure to listen to your body. Eat well, sleep more, hydrate, wash your hands, and most importantly, remember you’re doing the best you can.






Snatch Technique at Home by Coach Brian

No Weights, No Barbell, No Problem!
Improve Snatch Technique While at Home 

Although many of us do not have weights and barbells at home, there are still many things that can be done to improve your snatch technique.

What you need: PVC Pipe or Broomstick

Take a look below at some different exercises and warm-ups that can help dial in your olympic lifting technique!

Burgener Warm-up
Watch Coach Brian teach the burgener warm-up below..

Down and Up
-Most important aspect of the warm-up
-An extension of the ankles, knees, and hips (triple extension)
-Creates momentum and elevation of barbell

Elbows High and Outside
Focus: keep the bar close

Muscle Snatch
-Upper body strengthening exercise that teaches the pull, turnover, and finish position of the snatch
-Focus: strong turnover and active shoulder
-Finish position overhead- arms locked out, elbow pits facing up/elbows facing down, bar directly overhead

Snatch Lands (Power – 2”, 4”, 6”)
-Trains receiving position of snatch
-Focus: footwork + active shoulder

Snatch Drop (Full)
-Trains receiving position of snatch and builds speed and explosiveness
-Focus: footwork + active shoulder + bottom position

Learn more about the burgener warm-up here:

Burgener Skill Transfer Exercises
Watch Coach Brian teach the skill transfer exercises below..

Snatch Grip Push Press
-Focus: Overhead strength
-Strong dip + drive overhead

Overhead Squat
-Focus: Core strength
-Active shoulder overhead

Heaving Snatch Balance
-Focus: Arm Speed

Drop Snatch
-Focus: Foot/Arm Speed

Snatch Balance
-Focus: Drive/Foot/arm speed

The TILT Affiliate Quarantine Cup!

Support Your Local Box!

The TILT Affiliate Quarantine Cup is here!
The Affiliate Quarantine Cup is a fun way to participate in The Support Your Local Box Fundraiser and be part of a friendly team competition amongst TILT members.
When: April 6th – April 26th

How It Works
 Register at
Once registered, we will place you on a team with TILT members and a coach
Teams will earn weekly points for their team between April 6th-April 26th

You Earn Points For:
-Doing the weekly Support Your Local Box Fundraiser workout (1 point/week)
-Every Zoom class you participate in (you can only earn 1 point/day)
-Doing the challenge of the week (1 point/week)
-Posting on the WOD blog (1 point/day)
-Eating 800g of fruits and vegetables (1 point/day)
-Doing a Tabata Time workout (you can earn up to 5 points/week)
*The max amount of weekly points for a participant is 28 points

*Weekly points are from..

April 6th-12th
April 13th-19th
April 20th-26th


What is The Support You Local Box Fundraiser?
The Support Your Local Box Fundraiser is an online event put on by CrossFit HQ to benefit CrossFit affiliates affected by COVID-19 around the globe. The entire CrossFit community has an opportunity to come together in support of all affiliates! 

Event Format:
Over a three-week period, CrossFit HQ will release three classic and accessible workouts that can be performed by participants of any ability level. There will be limited equipment and bodyweight options (very similar to the workouts TILT is already posting!) The first workout will be announced on Friday, April 3rd. TILT will program and participate in these workouts on Monday April 6th, 13th, and 20th.

Everyone who participates will have their name displayed on the community leaderboard and will be able to create smaller leaderboards among friends, family, and other members of their affiliate. This is also a great opportunity to rally family and friends to participate in this accessible event!!

How to Get Involved
Anyone can participate! Payment is not required. Your participation is, in itself, a strong form of support and encouragement to the affiliate community. When you register, you will have the option to select a contribution amount ranging from $20 to $1,000 or participate at no cost. Participants can also select the affiliate they would like to receive their contribution. If you want to contribute to TILT, great! We really appreciate the support! If you want to contribute to a different affiliate that you know is in need, awesome! When the event closes, the proceeds will be distributed to affiliates in accordance with their roster of supporters. 

You can register at We cannot wait to throw down on these workouts with you all!!

Health and Safety at TILT

TILT Family,
We want to make sure we are continuing to update you all on how we are responding to COVID-19 coronavirus at TILT.
All coaches are wiping down all equipment and surfaces between classes. We are continuing to monitor information from the Centers for Disease Control, the State Department, and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

We are asking for your help to keep our gyms clean and safe. When you arrive at TILT please wash your hands before checking into class and wash them after class as well.
Or click HERE to check in to class before you get to the gym!
Please wipe down all equipment after every use. If you are feeling sick please do not come to the gym.

In the coming weeks we will be providing options for “At Home” versions of our workouts along with content on how to properly warm up for and modify those workouts.  By doing this we are hoping to give our members some options to stay fit and healthy if they are feeling too sick or even if they are feeling anxious about coming to the gym physically.

We will continue to notify the community on any changes or updates via email and Facebook.

As usual, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to one of the coaches.

TILT Top Gun Team Throwdown

TILT Top Gun Team Throwdown

What: Same Sex Team of 2 Competition (RX and Scaled Divisions)
When: ‪Saturday, June 13 – 8am‬ start
Where: CrossFit TILT II | ‪31 Union Ave, Sudbury, MA 01776‬
Registration Fee: $150/team
FREE T-shirt with early registration by April 24th! (see design below)
Workouts: 3 Events and 1 Final

Competition Standards 

Clean and Jerk – 155/105#
Snatch – 115/105#
Chest to Bar Pull-ups
Toes to Bar
Double Unders
Wall Ball (20/14#)

Clean and Jerk – 95/65#
Snatch – 75/55#
Deadlift – 135/95#
Knees to Waist
Single Unders
Wall Balls 14/10#

Click HERE to register

Spring Internal Team Throwdown!

Spring Throwdown April 11th!

We will be having our Spring Throwdown on Saturday April 11th!

Its a nice spring Saturday and you wake up AMPED. It’s an April morning and your feeling your best because you’re hot off of a nutrition challenge, so your soul is FILLED to the brim with health and wellness.  I mean you are at your PRIME. You pound 800 grams of raw cauliflower and kale before 6 am purely out of HYPE and EXCITEMENT. Then you toss down a Wellness shot of cayenne pepper, ginger and cucumber water (i’m kidding please do none of this).  You head straight to TILT Waltham to start the best day of your existence… the Spring Throwdown… And as expected the day proves to be the best day of your life followed closely by your wedding day and the day your first child was born.  This sounds like a lot so what is a Throwdown anyway… here’s what to expect:

You will be placed on a team at random.  If you ask me to put you on a certain team with certain people just don’t.
We will be ripping a few workouts during the day with friends as a team!
We can modify ALL OF IT. So sign up!

So should you sign up? Well…

Do you like fitness?
Do you like friends?
Do you like meeting new people?
Do you like fun?

If you answered YES to any one of these questions, I expect you name on the sign up sheet at the front desk by the end of the day!
Whatever your plans are for Saturday April 11th, (lunch with friends, travel to a far country, weddings, etc.) CANCEL THEM. This is far more important. If you answered NO to these questions above, sign up anyway.

Will I take it personally if you do not sign up? YES OF COURSE I WILL.

If you are ready for a day of fitness and friends, Sign up! I cannot wait!

If you have any questions talk to any of your coaches! or just sign up anyway.

TILT 800 Gram Nutrition Challenge

TILT 2020 Nutrition Challenge

The time has come TILT… Our first Nutrition Challenge of 2020… Here is all you need to know!

When: Monday March 9th – Friday April 10th

Cost: One cannot simply put a price on heath and wellbeing but if we had to it would be $25…. So it’s $25

InBody Scale Weigh Ins: WALTHAM: Saturday March 7th (6:30 am – 11 am)
Sunday March 8th (9am – 1pm)
Weigh Outs: Saturday April 11 (prior to throwdown)
Sunday, April 12 (9 am- 1pm)

WINNERS: Winners will be based on change in body fat percentage / weight loss and our baseline workout that will be going down Monday March 9th

GUIDELINES: Here is what to expect….

We are doing the 800 gram challenge! Which means what?  It means you eat 800 grams (by weight) of fruits or vegetables each day.
There are no restrictions on this challenge on what you cannot eat as long as you get your 800 grams of fruits and vegetables in each day…but we highly encourage eliminating or reducing processed sugar and alcohol during the challenge.

This challenge is super simple and for anyone and everyone!

Here are some resources for more info on the challenge!

The 800g Challenge: Click HERE for more info! 

Nutrition for the 99%: Click HERE

HERE is a link to a Food Scale to weigh and measure!
*No food scale? No problem! Although it is recommended you weigh out your 800 grams, 1 cup (or the size of a closed fist) is about 100 grams

If you are traveling during the challenge here are some Travel workout to stay fit while you’re on the road! Click HERE

FINALLY… We will end our challenge with a long awaited INTERNAL TEAM THROWDOWN… more info on that to come soon!

TILT Clothing Swap

Wondering about all the hoopla going down THIS Sunday?  I am here to HELP

First things first, the shindig goes down THIS UPCOMING Sunday (2/16) @ 1 PM at TILT Waltham!

If you are looking to revamp your workout gear this is the EVENT FOR YOU… we all know we have the best workouts when we are in fresh gear… I mean listen close, last time I got a new workout outfit I PR’d my back squat by 87 pounds, shaved 12 minutes off of my Fran time and walked 400 meters further than Coach Katrina on my hands all in the same day.  It was a good day.

Listen even closer, we know 2020 is the year you plan to grow your social media following and if there is one thing ABSOLUTELY necessary to be the Instagram fit chick you are aspiring to be, it’s a brand new (and by brand new i mean brand new to you but very much used by another TILT member) wardrobe.

It’s all the benefit of Poshmark where you can find the rare and valuable old school Lululemon gear that simply just isn’t the same anymore without paying shipping and handling.

Here’s how I would proceed… start scoping out the gear being worn by some of the TILT trendsetters.  I would then subtly convince them that they no longer need that NoBull Crop Top (that just happens to be in the color and size that NoBull has yet to restock since before the Dinosaurs went extinct).   Once you’ve scoped out the fashion around TILT and convinced people they need a revamp of their wardrobe BAM along comes Sunday and here you are all hyped up on PV Donuts and you now swoop in like an Instagram Fit Chick bird of prey scooping up all your new HIGH fashion LIGHTLY worn clothing.  Along comes Monday and your social media following has gown exponentially, so has your confidence, and miraculously so has your fitness abilities. The power of a new outfit people.  Do not sleep on the power of a new outfit.

– Max will bring somewhere between 72-243 T-shirts he thought he needed at some point
– A variety of PV Donuts
– No undiepants or socks

Rowathon 2020: What to Expect

2nd Annual CrossFit TILT Rowathon

WHEN: Saturday February 8th @ 8 am

  • Doors will open promptly at 8 am: As you and your squad assemble like a sub-par boy band from the 90’s, matching costumes/colors and all, we will be getting ready to open up those doors. or heck maybe you’re so hyped you camped outside all night waiting to get in and lay your eyes on the competition floor.
  • AND LETS TALK ABOUT THAT COMPETITION FLOOR: Rowers will be aligned gosh darn PERFECTLY. Down to the millimeter fam.  And If you are an organization junkie like myself, and perfect set-ups bring you more joy then seeing your kids open the gift you swore you would not get them on Christmas morning, than this will be the PLACE TO BE, on Saturday morning, in Sudbury, on February 8th.
  • As if you even needed to fuel your hype, there will be food and coffee flying out like hotcakes because everyone knows if you like to live on the wild side there is nothing quite like a nitro cold brew immediately prior to holding a blackout pace on your first 500 meters.  This is modern day bravery people.
  • Event 1, The Marathon Row, will go down 1st.  After the marathon row finishes up and I eat a snack the size of a meal that could feed a family of 6 to avoid the inevitable hangry phase of the day, event 2, The 10K, will go down.  I don’t need to tell you how much is on the line with the results of these events, you already know this. But just know there is more on the line in regard to the event standings than your high school senior’s SAT scores.  If your entire self worth isn’t dependent on these standings you aren’t taking this serious enough.  I’m kidding, this is all for charity.  But if you’re not first you’re very much last.
  • Expect to stick around and win some raffles and watch Max run an auction just as well as the guys on one of the best shows television has to offer, Storage Wars. Also, stick around to hang out with some buddies.  If you have to leave immediately after you row, too bad. Stay anyway.  If it weren’t a fire hazard I would lock the doors and make you hang out with me (a bulletproof way to gain meaningful friendships and trust).  And HECKIN HECK if you stick around you may even see Sonny bid an absurd amount of money on a football while Jackie watches in both awe and shock knowing damn well he is bidding away money that could be going into their upcoming wedding.  There goes your open bar you two lovebirds.
  • Once we have wrapped up the whole day, maybe you even want to scoot on over to the one place all great nights in Sudbury,MA end, Lavender, for some fine Asian cuisine and some even finer quality karaoke.  There is truly no other place to end a high class night.
  • All in all, i know for certain there is literally nothing else going on in the entire Metro West area on February 8th, you have no plans, don’t tell me you’re busy, so sign up and have some fun with some friends, you will not regret it.
  • This event is recommended for anyone who enjoys rowing, friendship, and/or supporting charities.
  • Click HERE to Sign Up

CrossFit TILT Rowathon 2020

2nd Annual CrossFit TILT Rowathon

The 2nd Annual CrossFit TILT Rowathon is coming February 8th @ CrossFit TILT II in Sudbury

Here is what you need to know…

This year we will be supporting several different charitable organizations where 100% proceeds will go directly to supporting their cause.

There will be two events this year:

EVENT 1 — Team Marathon Row — 9:30am to12:30pm : This will be a team of 8 event where you and your team will complete 42,195 meters on a stationary Concept2 rower, partition the row however you choose. MAXIMUM OF 33 TEAMS.

EVENT 2 — Team 10K Row — 3:00pm – 6:30pm: This will be a team of 4 event where you and your team will complete 10,000 meters on a stationary Concept2 rower, switching every 250 meters. MAXIMUM OF 99 TEAMS.

Can’t make the Rowathon but still would like to participate? At the conclusion of the second event, please join us for a banquet at Springdale Barrel Room for an award ceremony, raffle prizes, and auction. More information about the raffle prizes and auction items will be made available closer to the event date.

Additional Details:

No CrossFit or Rowing experience required!

Teams may be single-sex or co-ed

Event 1 (Marathon Row) will have 1 heat and Event 2 (Team 10K) will have 3 heats. Heat information will be made available Monday, February 3, 2020.

Prizes to be awarded to top teams from each event


Paleo Power Meals is now offering meal delivery service to TILT. We're also going to stock our fridge with a few Grab-N-Go meals for you to try.

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