8th Annual 24 Heroes Fundraiser

8th Annual 24 Heroes Fundraiser

When: Saturday, May 20th – Sunday May 21st
9 AM Opening Ceremonies on 5/20, 10 AM First WOD Begins
Where: CrossFit TILT Southborough – 12 Southville Road – Southborough, MA
How to Donate: Click HERE to donate
*Suggested $25 donation*
Workout Schedule: Click HERE
*workout schedule is subject to change

CrossFit TILT is thrilled to announce that the 8th Annual “24 Heroes” Fundraiser is scheduled for the morning of Saturday May 20th through the morning of Sunday May 21st. We will be throwing down in honor of our nation’s heroes. Workouts will take place on the hour, EVERY hour, for 24 HOURS, with a workout to honor one of our nation’s fallen heroes. This event is central to CrossFit TILT’s charitable mission and we are incredibly honored to again host such a powerful event. In addition, we will be having speakers throughout the event,

Our fundraising efforts will be donated to Veterans Inc., a veteran support organization based in Worcester, MA. A portion of the proceeds will also be donated to The Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation and the Camarena Educational Foundation. We hope that you will join us for this memorial event and make it as great of a success as it has been in years past! Tune in this year to hear from some amazing guest speakers with personal connections to some of the heroes we are honoring.

How to Donate:
If you are interested in donating to support this fundraiser, please visit our donation page.
There is a suggested donation of $25 per participant, but anything you are able and willing to contribute is greatly appreciated.

How To Sponsor a WOD:
Looking for a creative way to donate? We are accepting sponsorships for every workout for a flat rate donation of $250 per workout. You will have an opportunity to read the Hero Bio before the workout kicks off. You can also pledge a donation based on attendance, specific contests, etc.

For example: you can donate $X Amount of money for every participant that attends a specific workout. Another option would be to propose a contest for all to participate in: 1 Minute Max Burpees! You can donate $X Amount of money for the most burpees performed in one minute.

Get creative! Email brian@crossfittilt.com to sponsor a WOD or pledge a donation.

How To Attend:
Join us at any time during the event at CrossFit TILT in Southborough, MA (12 Southville Road). There will be an indoor option and outdoor option. There is no need to sign-up in advance. Show up when you can to workout or hangout!

Check the WOD schedule for specific speakers that will be speaking via Zoom.
To join via Zoom for some of our speakers, use the link HERE.

Workout Schedule
See workout schedule HERE

Athletes are free to pick and choose which Hero Workouts they would like to participate in. A coach will be on staff each hour to further assist you with any questions about modifications. Workout briefs, hero bios and any speakers will begin at the top of the hour, every hour, and the workout will follow shortly after. There will be no group warm-up. Come ready to workout, have fun, and support a great cause!

Supporting a Cause!
If you find yourself unable to donate, please don’t let that keep you from stopping by and participating in this event! The true intention of this event is to come together to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. In the words of Veterans Inc., “they were there when we needed them. We must be there now that they need us.” Whether your support is through monetary donations, giving a little piece of yourself during a workout, or just tuning in to show your support, we’re all in this together.

How to Stay Informed?
Leading up to the event, we will be posting updates on our Facebook pages and Instagram. Follow us @crossfittilt      

If you have any questions regarding the 24 Heroes Fundraiser, please feel free to contact Brian Sieber at brian@crossfittilt.com. After taking a look at the workout schedule, if you find that you have a personal connection, or know someone with a personal connection, to one of the heroes we are honoring this year, please reach out to Brian at the previously mentioned email address. We would love to give those of you with personal connections an opportunity to speak in honor of those you hold dear to your hearts.

We truly hope that you will find some time to join us for this event. Mark your calendars, spread the word, and let’s make this a truly unforgettable experience!

4th Annual Affiliate Cup

4th Annual Affiliate Cup

When: February 17th – March 3rd
*Workouts will be held on Friday Feb 17, Feb 24th, and March 3rd during all classes and during Friday Night Lights at 5:30pm
What: Fitness, Fun, and Friendly Competition! See below for all details.
How to Sign-up: Sign-up at the front desk!
Sign-up deadline is Friday, January 20th
Cost: $20 and will receive your Team Color T-Shirt! Coaches will choose the teams. Your TRIIB account will be charged.

How the Affiliate Cup Works:

  • The Affiliate Cup is a fun new way to participate in the CrossFit Open! We would love to have everyone join in on the fun. Please include your t-shirt size on the sign-up sheet. You do not need to register for the Open to participate.
  • Once registered, we will place you on a team with TILT members and a coach. Each team will be designated by a specific color (blue or red). Teams will receive their team shirt/color at the start of the challenge. 
  • Over a three-week period, CrossFit HQ will release three classic and accessible workouts that can be performed by participants of any ability level. There will be modification options for all workouts (just like your TILT coaches provide already!). Each week, on Thursday night, the weekly workout will be announced. The first workout will be announced on Thursday, February 16th.
  • On Friday, during all classes, participants will have a chance to throw down on the Open workout during all classes. This will be the first opportunity to receive points for your team! In addition, every Friday at 5:30pm we will be holding “Friday Night Lights” – an opportunity to receive more points, hangout, workout, and socialize with other TILT members.
  • Team members will also have the opportunity to earn additional points for their team. See below.

You earn 1 Point for:

  • Doing the Open Workout in class on Friday (**2 points for doing the workout at Friday Night Lights**)
  • Judging (or cheering!) someone in class on Friday
  • Wearing your team color in class on Friday
  • Posting a post workout selfie on your gym’s private Facebook group.

*Max points per week = 5 points

Teams will track their points at the gym on the Affiliate Cup Whiteboard

The Winner:
At the end of the 3 weeks, we will tally and average out all the points for each team.
The winning team will receive bragging rights!


2023 TILT Rowathon

2023 CrossFit TILT Rowathon

Supporting Jack Urban, Non-ketotic Hyperglycinemia, and NKH Crusaders

When: Saturday, February 11th @ 8:00am
Gym doors open at 7:00am
*There will be no Saturday classes on this day
Where: TILT Sudbury – 31 Union Avenue
What: 42,195 Meter Row – Teams of 4 or 5
How to sign-up: Fill out our TILT Rowathon Excel Sign-up Sheet with your name or teammates.
*Sign-up deadline is Friday, January 28th
Cost: $20 Suggested Donation
There will also be an opportunity to donate through your TILT TRIIB account.
We will have a donation sheet at the gym during the event, if you would like to do this option!
Waltham member, Joe Rioff, has also offered to match up to $2,500 of any donations raised as part of this event!

After the event, we will also be gathering at Skyboxx in Natick, MA (319 Speen Street) at 8:00pm
for a get together to watch TILT member, Rich Goguen, and his band Crossroads!

Questions? Feel free to contact Brian Sieber at brian@crossfittilt.com

More details about Jack Urban, Non-ketotic Hyperglycinemia, and NKH Crusaders

Jack Urban, a family friend of TILT Waltham member Joe Rioff, was born on June 13th, 2021 with Non-ketotic hyperglycinemia (NKH), a very rare disease which causes severe seizures and developmental delays, requiring 24/7 in-home care. One out of every 76,000 children have NKH. 

With the high mortality rate, there are barely 500 known active cases in the world, and due to the rarity of this disease, NKH research is funded solely by families and friends from those impacted. It is an orphaned disease – no funding from pharmaceutical companies or government grants. All donations made for this event will go towards the NKH Crusaders, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has partnered with the University of Notre Dame’s Boler Pargesian Center for Rare and Neglected Diseases.

The message from the world’s leading doctors is clear:
The science for a cure is there, but the funding is not.

At a friends and family event earlier in the year, Jack’s father Joe shared some of what the family has been going through. It’s hard to hear, but inspiring. 

A little over a year ago an army of doctors walked into our hospital room. 

Jack was just 2.5 months old and was hooked up to what seemed like every machine at Children’s Hospital. He had just had a 40-minute seizure and the doctors were reattaching electrodes to his head to monitor brain activity. Jack didn’t fight – he was too tired from being carted to a brain MRI, to a spinal tap, to meeting more doctors than many of us will ever meet. 

After 56 hours of testing, there was a diagnosis. Non-ketotic Hyperglycinemia. NKH. 

My wife Molly and I sat there and cried, the disease was on our radar and it was the worst case scenario. We did exactly what the doctors told us not to do, but exactly what anyone impacted would do – we googled it. And it’s terrible. 

I don’t know how long I sat in that room, staring at my son, until I had to muster the courage to ask a question that no parent should ever ask – is my son going to die?

One doctor, he looked at me and said “well everyone dies, but this is a matter of when.” 

Science says Jack won’t crawl. Won’t stand. Won’t walk. Won’t run. Won’t talk. Won’t eat. Won’t laugh. Won’t live. 

I will not accept any predetermined fate for my son. Molly won’t. Jack won’t. And you’re all here to help us fight. 

So what do we do when statistics and science aren’t in our favor?
We change them. 

Straight from the lips of the world’s leading expert on the disease to your ears –
The science to cure NKH is there, but the funding is not. 

Every dollar we raise is going directly to the team at Notre Dame to ensure we’re doing everything we can to find a cure during Jack’s life. This is how we change the stats. This is how we change the odds. We can change the science. And we can save Jack’s life.


  • How do I sign-up?
  • What’s the start time? 
    • 8:00am start time for everyone that is participating! Come early to warm-up on your own. Gym doors will open at 7:00am.
  • Will there be a group warmup? 
    • No- there will not be coach led warm-up. Come early to warm up in advance. We will kick things off right at 8:00am!
  • What if I want a smaller or larger team? We are asking that each team has a minimum of 4 participants. You want a team of 5? Go for it! 6? Sure! 
  • Can I watch if I am not participating? Of course! Come cheer our athletes on!
  • Can non TILT members join? Of course! Bring any and all friends! 

2022 Halloween Throwdown

2022 Halloween Internal Team Throwdown, Beer Mile & Potluck!

What: Team of 3 Internal Throwdown
Where: TILT Sudbury – 31 Union Avenue – Sudbury, MA
Who: All TILT Members
Bringing all our our communities together for one big event!

Saturday, October 22nd @ 8:45am
8:00am to 9:00am – Gym opens (workout briefing at 8:45am)
9:00am Start – Internal Team Throwdown
*Beer Mile, Potluck, Trunk or Treat, and Pumpkin Carving to follow. We expect all 3 workouts to finish by 11:30am.

Who is on my team?
Click here for teams!

What are the workouts?
Workouts will be announced by October 10th!
Each workout will have multiple heats. There will not be heat times. Once a workout ends, the next will start promptly afterwards.

What is the beer mile?
Following the throwdown, we will be holding a beer mile for anyone that would like to participate! See the official TILT Beer Mile rules below..

At the call of 3, 2, 1, GO athletes will drink their first beer (Miller Lite). There is no shotgunning or funneling allowed. You must drink the beer from the can. Once you finish your beer, you must dump finished beer over your head and run 400 meters. If there is beer present you will be penalized 15 seconds. If an athlete throws up or urinates during the beer mile that athlete is out. Athletes will complete this couplet of 1 beer + 400m run x 4.

***Although the beer mile will be an amazing time and display of the utmost athletic prowess, please understand that we expect all participants to behave responsibly. We are all adults and you will be expected to act like it.  We all know it’s very illegal and very dangerous to drink and drive.  Please plan accordingly. You will absolutely not be able to drive immediately after doing this fun challenge. Get a ride. Uber. Ask a friend. Hang out for the awesome potluck for a few hours. But no driving. No exceptions. Let’s be smart and have some fun, but let’s do it safely.  If at any time, you want to stop, STOP.  

After the Beer Mile, we will start the potluck…We would love it if people would bring a dish and/or something to drink.

Trunk or Treat/Pumpkin Carving
We will be holding a trunk or treat and pumpkin carving after the beer mile. Feel free to bring favors for the kids for our trunk or treat. TILT will also be providing candy for it! If you plan on carving a pumpkin, it is BYOP (Bring Your Own Pumpkin). TILT will provide pumpkin carving equipment.

Saturday 8.27.22

Elise & Friends




King of The Mountain Event


Where: Mount Abram – Greenwood, Maine
When: September 10th @ 9am
What: A 24 hour event where individuals, teams of 2, or teams of 4
will have 24 hours to accumulate as many times up and down the mountain as possible.
This is a fully self supported event. Athletes will be responsible for their own food, equipment, and tents.
Porta Potties and water will be provided.
Individuals – $50
Teams of 2 – $100
Teams of 4 – $200
*Free T-Shirt will be sent out after the event!

Registration/Donation Link
: Click HERE

*Registration deadline is Saturday August 27th. Additional details will be sent out after the deadline.

Donations will be going to
Friends of Mt. Abram (FOMA) is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization, dedicated to supporting the community and the continued existence of Skiing, Riding, Biking and other outdoor pursuits at Mt. Abram in Greenwood ME.  Every dollar of the registration fee for this event will be used to fund scholarship programs allowing kids from the local community to have access to skiing and biking that they otherwise would not be able to afford.  This past year we supported 217 kids, our goal is for this program to continue to grow.  We know that giving these children access to outside activities and getting them active will yield positive benefits in their lives!  We thank you for your support.

Contact Max at max@crossfittilt.com

Core Conversations

When: Saturday August 13th @ 10:30am-11:45am
Where: TILT Waltham – 40 Jones Road
Who: Everyone!
How to Sign-up: Just show up the day of the seminar!
*Come throw down at the 9am class prior to the seminar. There will be no 10am class this day in Waltham

About the Seminar:
BEFORM and The Mom Session are hosting a collaboration workshop discussing all things CORE and EXERCISE!

This workshop is geared towards our female athletes where we review pregnancy and post-partum core considerations with exercise. We’ll talk pelvic floor, what actual pelvic dysfunction symptoms are (hint hint peeing your pants is not normal with exercise!) and how to manage. 

This workshop is appropriate for any female who has a pelvic floor! Let’s all normalize not having to wear black leggings on double under days, you feel me??

Questions? Feel free to reach out to Brit at brittny@be-physicaltherapy.co

Zero One Nutrition Challenge

When: Friday August 26th – Wednesday November 23rd
What: 90 Day Challenge – Zero Ingredients, One Plate, 3-5 Meals per day
Cost: Free!
Join our Facebook Group to keep your friends accountable!

Kickoff Meeting/Workout
Saturday August 27th at 8am in Sudbury (31 Union Ave)
One big workout with all the gyms followed by our nutrition challenge meeting!
There will be no classes in Waltham or Southborough this day.

Monthly Check-Ins
We will be holding two monthly check-ins during this challenge where we will gather at one of our community gyms (just like the kickoff meeting) to workout together and have a nutrition chat/check-in!
There will be no classes at the other community gyms on these days.

Saturday, October 8th @ 8am in Southborough (12 Southville Road)
Saturday, November 12th @ 8am in Waltham (40 Jones Road)

Challenge Details..
More details will be provided at the nutrition challenge kickoff meeting!

Zero Ingredients
Exactly how it sounds! Fill your plate with food that does not have any extra ingredients added to it.
Check out some food examples below..

One Plate / 3-5 Meals per Day
Aim for one plate per meal. No seconds! Try to fill your plate with protein, carbs, fats, and vegetables in every meal. Chat with a coach for additional help!


TILT 2022 Summer Step-Up Challenge

Hey everyone!

The 2022 Summer Step-up challenge is here! The rules are simple:

Accumulate 10,000 step-ups between May 1 and August 31.

Choose the height and weight — these do not have to stay the
same throughout the entire challenge!
Example: Step-ups to a 16 in. box holding 15 lb dumbbells in each hand

Link to tracking spreadsheet – HERE

Video on how to use the tracking spreadsheet – HERE

Link to printable tracking sheet – HERE

Link to Facebook Accountability Group – HERE

500/1000 Club TILT Waltham Additions!

We are excited to announce the newest additions in 500 and 1000 Club at TILT Waltham!

1000 Club Additions:

Allyssa Bates

500 Club Additions:

Rich Goguen

Jen Visco

Aaron Gladden

How do I become a part of the club?
Attend 500 or 1000 classes at TILT!

 What’s in it for me?
Bragging rights, fitness gains, and your picture posted at TILT under the 500 and 1000club wall!

 Check out the 500 and 1000 club below!

 1000 Club Members:
Kyle Fidalgo
Edwin Smith
Teri Demarco
Cindy Basque
Amy Fidalgo
Kristen Riley
Paul Jarosik
Allyssa Bates

500 Club Members:
Kate Peck
Tara Hamel
Petro Khomchuk
Doc Curtin
Kelly Slavin
Brendan Bergson
Phil Blanchette
Cris Perez
Matthew Levy
Mike Braatz
Maria Sanez
Stacy Braatz
Ben Whitney
Stephen Simmons
Mike Cummigs
Laura Denomme
Mark Dacey
Dawn Guarriello
Pam Hanlon
Sonny Milani
Eugene Florendo
Alex Antounian
Jeff Lippincott
Luke Nye
Colleen Chapin
Denis Rezendes
Mandi Bruce-Magura
Lane Aikins
Josh Tatelman
Hillary Bergson
Katie Wild
Brad Reid
Jonathan Keyes
Ed Hamel
Lauren Mcauliffe
Kiet Le
Hans Brings
Jess Irving
Mike Noce
Judd Caulfield
Emma Levy
Justin Wahls
Jeff Donovan
David Bruenner
Eddie Saenz
Katie Sullivan
Brad Ebel
Joe Chang
Danny Abrahams
Kyla Abrahams
Gail Alden
Jackie Wogan
Cam Pratt
Andy Carmichael
Judd Caulfield
Martha Kaniaru
April Liles
Dennis Morgan
Anne Chang

Rich Goguen
Jen Visco
Aaron Gladden

Paleo Power Meals is now offering meal delivery service to TILT. We're also going to stock our fridge with a few Grab-N-Go meals for you to try.

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