TILT Waltham Halloween Spooktacular

All the cuteness and all the fitness.

Saturday 10/30/21 from 9:00-12:00

TILT Waltham

9:00am – Doors Open/Independent Warm-up starts
9:15am – Athlete Briefing, workout explanation
9:30am – Workout starts
10:01am – Workout concludes, Pumpkin Carving Contest and Trunk or Treat begin11:00am – Beer Mile begins, costume contest winners announced
11:15-12:00 – Hang out, food and drink, enjoy costumes and pumpkins!

How: Put your name down on the sign-up sheet at the front desk and we will do the rest! The teams will be picked for you, so you do not need to worry about finding your own teammates!


Is this event kid-friendly? – Yes! Feel free to bring kids and encourage them to wear costumes as well.

Is there a beer mile? – Absolutely! You can bring your own beers or use the ones that we provide. You also have the option of doing a seltzer mile.

Should I bring anything? – Yes! We will be holding a trunk or treat during the event, so please bring favors for the kids. You can also bring beverages to enjoy after the workout, although drinks and snacks will be provided as well.

What if I can only make it for the workout at the beginning or can’t make it till later? – Come on down! This is a fun community event, whether you can only make it for some of it or can attend the entire thing, we would love to have you!

Waltham 500/1000 Club Additions

We are excited to announce the newest additions in 500 and 1000 Club at TILT Sudbury!

1000 Club Addition:
Amy Fidalgo

500 Club Additions:
Eddie Saenz
Katie Sullivan
Brad Ebel
Joe Chang
Danny Abrahams
Kyla Abrahams
Gail Alden
Jackie Wogan
Cam Pratt
Andy Carmichael 

How do I become a part of the club?
Attend 500 or 1000 classes at TILT!

 What’s in it for me?
Bragging rights, fitness gains, and your picture posted at TILT under the 500 and 1000 club wall!

 Check out the 500 and 1000 club below!

 1000 Club Members:
Kyle Fidalgo
Edwin Smith
Teri Demarco
Cindy Basque
Amy Fidalgo

500 Club Members:
Kate Peck
Tara Hamel
Petro Khomchuk
Kristen Riley
Doc Curtin
Kelly Slavin
Paul Jarosik
Brendan Bergson
Phil Blanchette
Cris Perez
Matthew Levy
Mike Braatz
Maria Sanez
Stacy Braatz
Ben Whitney
Stephen Simmons
Mike Cummigs
Laura Denomme
Allyssa Bates
Mark Dacey
Dawn Guarriello
Pam Hanlon
Sonny Milani
Eugene Florendo
Alex Antounian
Jeff Lippincott
Luke Nye
Colleen Chapin
Denis Rezendes
Mandi Bruce-Magura
Lane Aikins
Josh Tatelman
Hillary Bergson
Katie Wild
Brad Reid
Jonathan Keyes
Ed Hamel
Lauren Mcauliffe
Kiet Le
Hans Brings
Jess Irving
Mike Noce
Judd Caulfield
Emma Levy
Justin Wahls
Jeff Donovan
David Bruenner
Eddie Saenz
Katie Sullivan
Brad Ebel
Joe Chang
Danny Abrahams
Kyla Abrahams
Gail Alden
Jackie Wogan
Cam Pratt
Andy Carmichael

August Newsletter


What’s Happening at TILT in August!?

Keep Your Eye out for some fun September events!

Saturday Sept 11th – TILT Marathon @ TILT Waltham – Click HERE for sign-up and details.
Saturday Sept 18th – TILT Fall Getaway @ Mount Abram – Click HERE for sign-ups and all details.
If you have any questions about our September events, please contact Brian at brian@crossfittilt.com.
Member of the Month

HUGE Congrats to Stacy for being out newest Member of the Month! Click HERE for her write up!Reminders
Don’t Forget to check into class on your phone or at the computer when you come in!

Member of the Month


YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS……… MEMBER OF The MONTH IS HERE…. And this month we get to celebrate Stacy Andreotes. Did she win this highly sought after award because it was part of the deal when she let me live in her basement… yes of course…(I am kidding relax). Stacy, we ALL know is a 6:30 am staple. With partitions, we all knew to not take her cube (I saw this intelligent successful woman straight up unable to compute what to do with her body when one morning someone was in her cube…. The one next to it was wide open but still, could not compute). Stacy has become a huge part of the personality of the 6:30 am class and truly welcomes everyone that walks into that packed class. Stacy we LOVE you.

Learn more about this gem…

  1. How long have you been doing CrossFit and how did you start?

This seems crazy to me but I have been doing CrossFit for just about 8 years now! I got started a few months after I gave birth to my first son.  It was a rough road in those first several months of momhood, and I really wanted to start taking care of myself and getting back into shape. A friend of mine at work suggested I give CrossFit a try.  I went to check it out in Southie and saw that the intro WOD was a 7 min AMRAP of 5 thrusters (empty barbell), 5 burpees and 5 box jumps.  I thought “7 minutes……..how could anything be that bad for 7 min?” O.M.G. I honestly thought I wasn’t going to survive that workout. But something inside me said, if it’s this hard, it must actually work, so I signed up right after that intro class and the rest is history. Best decision ever.

  1. What do you do when you’re not at TILT?

I’m a managing director in audit at a big 4 accounting firm (nerd alert!). But probably more importantly, I’m a mom to an 8 year old (Weston) and 6 year old (Paxton) who are the most lovable tiny humans and also complete maniacs. Those two things take up pretty much most of my time, but I’ve also upped my cooking/baking game since quarantine started.

  1. What is something most of TILT doesn’t know about you?

I am a complete true crime podcast JUNKIE. Prior to Covid, I spent a lot of time in my car driving to clients, and I got totally addicted to true crime podcasts.  I would get to my destination and just sit in my car for another 20 minutes because I couldn’t turn them off. Some of my all time favorites are In The Dark (especially season 2), Up and Vanished, Cold, Root of Evil, and of course Serial. If you want more recommendations, I’m your girl!

  1. Have you had a favorite moment at TILT?

This is impossible to answer because there are so many tiny moments all the time that make Tilt the freaking awesome community that it is.  But I will say that Tilt has given me some of the best laughs I’ve ever had, and I think it’s probably a tie between (1) coming back to Tilt in early July 2020 after being on lockdown for months and getting to see everyone in person and workout together again outside and (2) the in-house throwdown we just had, where my team was supposed to be dressed as Mr. Clean but instead basically looked like a trio of D*%@#$ (sorry if I offend, but there’s honestly no other way to describe it). Shout out to Brad for just going along with the whole thing and thanks to Lindsay for making us wear bald caps and then having a fit of laughter so hard that I pretty much peed my pants.

  1. Most importantly, now that you have the Member of the Month belt, what would your walkout song be?

This is a tough one but I’m going with Nice for What by Drake…………..I dare you not to like that one

SIDE NOTE – I know I’m not really supposed to do this, but wanted to take this opportunity to tell you all how much I love you guys and I’m going to miss every one of you so damn much. I never imagined when I stepped into Tilt that it would change me so drastically as a person, but that’s exactly what the coaches and the members have done for me in the most positive way.  I have gained so much in mental and physical fortitude, but also made the most incredible relationships that can’t be broken by a little bit of distance. I owe so much to this community for supporting me, pushing me, and always being there for me, especially over the last year and half when the pandemic made shit HARD. I am forever grateful that I stepped through those doors 3 years ago and you can bet your ass you’re not rid of me completely because I will come visit whenever I can. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all of you for making me a better person.

July Newsletter


What’s Happening in July!?

TILT Family,
We have a variety of upcoming events and changes happening in July. Please see all details below!
July Kids Fitness Classes
When: Tuesday and Thursdays @ 10:30am-11:30am (July 6th-July 29th)
Where: CrossFit TILT Southboro – 12 Southville Road
Who: Children ages 6-9 years old
Cost: $20/class
*50% discount for any additional family members
How to Sign-up: Email Brian at brian@crossfittilt.com to sign-up
4th of July Schedule
Sunday 7/4 – CLOSED
Monday 7/5 – 7am, 8am, 9am, 10am Class
Monday 7/5 Virtual – 8:00am Class
Summer Schedule Changes
 Starting on July 6th, we will be combining our weekday 8:30am and 9:30am class for a new 9:00am time slot.
In addition, we will be removing our 6:30pm class on Fridays starting on July 9th.
Tie Dye Event! 
What: Come take a Saturday class and stick around to tie dye TILT shirts!
We will have your shirt ready at the gym the day of the event.
When: Saturday July 31st @ 8:00am-11:30am (tie dye anytime between these hours!)
Cost: $20 (white TILT shirt + tie dye supplies provided)
How to Sign-up: Click HERE to input your name and size.
*Deadline to sign-up is July 8th*

Member of the Month


Learn more about our newest member of the month Allyssa HERE!

Member of the Month


Perhaps the most overdue Member of the month recognition, lets celebrate Allyssa Bates!  Allyssa, with 2 L’s of course.  Allyssa is a 5:30 am staple.  She is everyone’s biggest fan and truly wants everyone around her to succeed.  It’s people like Allyssa who make the TILT community so great.  Her undying support for the people around her and commitment to all of us at TILT make her the PERFECT member of the month!  We love you Allyssa!

Let’s learn more about Allyssa!

How long have you been doing CrossFit and how did you start?

I fought CrossFit hard……like REALLY HARD.  I likened it to joining a cult but after my 10th consecutive visit to the gym where I listlessly walked around and randomly picked up and put down various pieces of equipment (and wondered why I didn’t feel fitter), I decided to give it a try.  That was 9 years ago and I haven’t looked back.  Probably have joined a cult…..but I’m not complaining.

   What do you do when you’re not at TILT? 

I love live theatre – I subscribe to two of the local theatres so if you’re ever looking for a recommendation, let me know.  I can’t wait to see a show in person – it’s looking like it will be this fall!

What is something most of TILT doesn’t know about you? 

I was one of the owners of CrossFit Framingham with Chantal.  When we decided to close, I was extremely picky about what box I would join but TILT delivered on all fronts – Fantastic community and quality coaching and programming.

Have you had a favorite moment at TILT?

So many – 1.) Poor Colin getting thrown into being the “Elf” to deliver the gifts for the holiday gift exchange—he hadn’t been at the Box for very long so we made him a cheat sheet on a whiteboard of who everyone was in the class!  Special shout out to my 5:30 am peeps for always being willing to put up with the gift swap! 2.) I loved Name that Tune during the pandemic—it was so lovely being able to connect with members from across all of the boxes during such a crazy time.  3.) Manning the turnaround point on the marathon course last fall with Kristen—I think we might have traumatized a few of the runners with our “spirit”.

Most importantly, now that you have the Member of the Month belt, what would your walkout song be?

Taking Care of Business – Bachman-Turner Overdrive

June Newsletter

June Newsletter

Things are in FULL SWING this June and we have some exciting things coming down the line…

TILT Internal Team Throwdown

TILT Team Throwdown!

What: Teams of 3 Internal Team Throwdown + Beer Mile
When: Saturday June 26th from 9am-12pm! (doors open at 8am)
Where: TILT Waltham
Who: All TILT Members
How to Sign-up: Sign up at the front desk! We will create the teams of 3.
Cost: Free!
*Signup deadline is Thursday June 10th
*Teams and workouts (3) will be released on Sunday June 13th.


Click HERE for all of the details!

The Internal Team Throwdown is going to be an absolute blast and you don’t want to miss out on the fun! It will be a great way to kick off the summer, meet some new people from the gym, and throw down on some workouts together!

Member of the Month


HUGE congrats to John Teobaldi, AKA “4:30 John”! Click HERE to learn more about our newest Member of the Month!

Bring a Friend – FREE Week Trial!
Have a friend interested in trying out TILT? Bring them by for a free week trial!
Email James at james@crossfittilt.com to get started!

Sunday Kids’ Fitness Classes
When: Sundays @ 11:00pm-11:30pm
Who: Children ages 6-9
Where: 31 Union Avenue – Sudbury, MA
Cost: $15/class

How to Sign-up: Email brian@crossfittilt.com to sign-up. Spots are limited!

TILT’s Kids‘ Fitness Classes focus on promoting health and fitness in a positive learning environment for children ages 6-9. We incorporate a variety of games, activities, and fitness challenges to help encourage social interactions and a fun environment. Our sessions are safe and effective for children of all levels and fitness backgrounds.

TILT Team Throwdown

TILT Team Throwdown!

June Internal Team Throwdown is coming!

What: Teams of 3 Internal Team Throwdown + Beer Mile
When: Saturday June 26th from 9am-12pm! (doors open at 8am)
Where: TILT Waltham
Who: All TILT Members
How to Sign-up: Sign up at the front desk! We will create the teams of 3.
Cost: Free!
*Signup deadline is Thursday June 10th
*Teams and workouts (3) will be released on Sunday June 13th.

The Internal Team Throwdown is going to be an absolute blast and you don’t want to miss out on the fun! It will be a great way to kick off the summer, meet some new people from the gym, and throw down on some workouts together!

How it works!
1. Sign-up!
2. Keep an eye out for workout, heats, and team releases (Sunday 6/13). Workouts will be inclusive for all levels!
3. Coordinate a team costume with your team (we will provide contact information if needed)
4. Show up the day of the event ready to go! Doors will open at 8am. There will be no group warm-up for the workouts.

What about the beer mile?
Following the throwdown, we will be holding a Beer Mile for anyone that would like to participate. All details below…

At the call of 3, 2, 1, GO athletes will drink their first beer (Miller Lite will be provided by TILT). There is no shotgunning or funneling allowed. You must drink the beer from the can. Once you finish your beer, you must dump finished beer over your head and run 400 Meters. If there is beer present, you must drink another beer until it is empty. If an athlete throws up or urinates during the beer mile, that athlete is disqualified. Athletes will complete this couplet of 1 beer + 400 meter run x 4 rounds.

*Although the beer mile will be an amazing time and display of the utmost athletic prowess, please understand that we expect all participants to behave responsibly. We are all adults and you will be expected to act like it. We all know it’s very illegal and very dangerous to drink and drive. Please plan accordingly. You will absolutely not be able to drive immediately after doing this fun challenge…so don’t do it! If at any time, you want to stop, STOP.

Member of the Month


Let’s give a HUGE congrats to our newest Member of the month John!  John joined us last summer for our outdoor classes and hasn’t looked back since.  A 4:30 faithful, John has become a regular with our afternoon crew! His hard work and attitude landed him this month’s member of the month.  4:30 pm would be lost without you!

Learn more about John with his answers to our Member of the Month questions

  1. How long have you been doing CrossFit and how did you start?June will be my one year anniversary at Tilt. Prior to joining I had never participated in CrossFit work outs. Before CrossFit I had spent years working out on my own at traditional gyms. However, with the onset of the pandemic and closure of the economy I was  left searching for ways to continue to stay fit. Early last summer I happened to drive by Tilt who had managed to resume outdoor activities, so I decided to give it a shot. I am grateful that I did! 
  2. What do you do when you’re not at TILT?My wife and I relocated from California almost three years ago, so when I’m not at Tilt we spend a lot of time exploring the Boston area and greater New England. 
  3. What is something most of TILT doesn’t know about you?I like to cook, love baseball, and enjoy almost any outdoor activity. 
  4. Have you had a favorite moment at TILT?My favorite moments at Tilt are whenever I finish a workout with Burpees! 
  5. Most importantly, now that you have the Member of the Month belt, what would your walkout song be?
    I’m an old Deadhead so I’ll go with Sugar Magnolia!

Memorial Day Pool Party: What to Expect

AAAHHHHH Memorial Day…. The unofficial start to HOT GURL/BOI SUMMER (Sunburn SZN) and BOY DO I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU…. We are having a pool party, for TILT Waltham, after Murph, Monday 5/31, at the DeMarco residence. Get ready for what could go down as the best Memorial Day of your life. Or at least a better Memorial Day than last year (not a whole lot would have to happen for that to come true). BuT aM I bEiNg ClEaR?! DiD I StUtTeR?! This is going to be the Memorial Day of all Memorial Days. So naturally, to ease anybody’s social anxiety, I am writing a dissertation on what to expect.


Let me first lay out exactly how your day is gong to go…

Step 1: You take either 7,8,9, or 10 am @ TILT with some of your best pals
Step 2: You hang, regroup, maybe start drinking a Miller Latte in the TILT parking lot as lasses are finishing up
Step 3:You shower and regroup a bit more
Step 4: You drive, or better yet, you Uber yourself to the Demarco residence around 12 pm
Step 5: From here we have the best Memorial Day grill and chill of our lives…

Allow me to set the scene on what to expect once you make it to step 5 of your Memorial Day:

-Expect Chef BoyarDEAN and his grill and chill bois to be BACK AT IT by POPULAR DEMAND

-Expect that there are 2 types of people at a pool party… people who want to tan and people who want GAMES. I want GAMES. I want goggles that make me look like a waterlogged horse and I want to dive for pool toys despite me still having to plug my nose when I jump in a pool.

-Expect me to chase you around with sunblock for safety purposes. SPF 763 to be exact.

-Don’t you dare bring a lame snack, in fact if you bring any kind of celery stick expect that you will be turned AWAY. Don’t you DARE half ass a potato salad and call that a contribution. Put some heart into it. I want full ass potato salad not your half ass potato salad.

-Expect that Stacy A will be mixing up some sort of signature TILT Memorial Day Cocktail in an attempt to intoxicate or kill you without you even knowing because it just tastes like mango juice or something… nice try Stacy, I’ve been to college, I don’t drink the jungle juice…I’ve learned

-Expect an overall joyous time with friends and food. Expect me to judge you if you eat anything less than 14 hot dogs. I’m making the assumption nobody has anywhere else to go, I’m sorry but do people have friends outside of TILT?! Unnecessary. Absolutely unnecessary. So hunker down and start eating those hot dogs my guy

-Expect to probably (definitely) over-eat , think 8 year old at a carnival. That’s the performance I’m looking for.

-Oh you aren’t beach ready yet?! Boo-hoo, give me a break, who cares, not me. Toss on a swim shirt and lets get after it.

-I will see you. Post Murph. At the DeMarco house. Attendance will be taken. If you aren’t there, I’ll body slam you into another dimension, or be slightly disappointed and, as always, I will take your absence as a personal attack to my character.

Paleo Power Meals is now offering meal delivery service to TILT. We're also going to stock our fridge with a few Grab-N-Go meals for you to try.

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