CrossFit TILT Rowathon 2020

2nd Annual CrossFit TILT Rowathon

The 2nd Annual CrossFit TILT Rowathon is coming February 8th @ CrossFit TILT II in Sudbury

Here is what you need to know…

This year we will be supporting several different charitable organizations where 100% proceeds will go directly to supporting their cause.

There will be two events this year:

EVENT 1 — Team Marathon Row — 9:30am to12:30pm : This will be a team of 8 event where you and your team will complete 42,195 meters on a stationary Concept2 rower, partition the row however you choose. MAXIMUM OF 33 TEAMS.

EVENT 2 — Team 10K Row — 3:00pm – 6:30pm: This will be a team of 4 event where you and your team will complete 10,000 meters on a stationary Concept2 rower, switching every 250 meters. MAXIMUM OF 99 TEAMS.

Can’t make the Rowathon but still would like to participate? At the conclusion of the second event, please join us for a banquet at Springdale Barrel Room for an award ceremony, raffle prizes, and auction. More information about the raffle prizes and auction items will be made available closer to the event date.

Additional Details:

No CrossFit or Rowing experience required!

Teams may be single-sex or co-ed

Event 1 (Marathon Row) will have 1 heat and Event 2 (Team 10K) will have 3 heats. Heat information will be made available Monday, February 3, 2020.

Prizes to be awarded to top teams from each event


Goal Setting by Coach Kathleen

Let’s put it out there – setting Goals can be tough!

While we have the opportunity to create and set out on conquering new goals each day, the
start of a New Year seems to fuel to the fire for change. This is a great opportunity to harness
that motivation, and hold us accountable, starting today.

Let’s start by writing down SMART goals, whether that’s in an excel spreadsheet, a note in our
phone, or scribbled on a piece of scrap paper, let’s put them where we can see them every day.

SMART Goals are:
Time Bound

For example, we can take a simple goal like, “I want to start exercising more”, and refine it.

How can we make this goal specific? What, specifically are we trying to do? Where will this
take place, and most importantly, why do we want to achieve this goal?
· I will start taking CrossFit classes at TILT in Sudbury in order to lose body fat

Next, let’s make this goal measurable. How will we evaluate if we are truly working towards our
· I will track my body fat percentage (BFP) using an InBody machine

Actionable: What amount of growth do you plan to achieve? What actions can we take to set
ourselves up for success?
· I will take the 5:30pm CrossFit class three times per week

Is our goal realistic? Is it even possible? If I commit to the above plan, will I improve?
· If our BFP is currently 20%, we know that setting a goal of a 2% BFP loss is feasible,
where a 10% BFP loss or more would be unrealistic

And finally, time bound. When will we collect evidence of our accomplishment?
· I will attain this goal in 6 months

Putting it all together, our SMART goal would be:
To take the 5:30 class at CrossFit TILT in Sudbury three times a week in order to lose 2% BFP
over the course of the next 6 months which will be tracked using an InBody machine.

After acquiring a list of SMART goals, let’s stop for a second and think about how we can devise
a systematic approach to properly prepare for this new venture.

We could build out our work schedule to make sure there are no conflicts with our exercise plan.
We could gather any necessary gym items we might need, like sneakers and gym clothes, and
pick a class to attend that has 15 minutes of cushion time in case traffic is bad. This ensures us
that, on the day we plan to begin, we know that we have purposefully navigated some speed
bumps that could have otherwise hindered us. Of course, other things outside of our control will
always come up, but if we respond to them with an open mind, we can certainly overcome them
without deviating from our path.

Let’s make right now, the ultimate time to begin taking action on our journey to greatness.

Staying Fit While Traveling by Coach Brian

Whether it is going away for work or vacation, there are a variety of ways to stay fit while traveling. Between dropping in at local gyms, utilizing a hotel gym, or doing travel workouts, there are many opportunities to workout while away. Take a look at some tips below!

Drop-In at a Local Gym

There are thousands of CrossFit gyms all over the world! Most gyms will allow athletes from remote gyms to drop-in on their classes. Contact the gym ahead of time and get familiar with their schedule and drop-in policies. Most gyms will have a small fee for dropping into a class. Looking for a gym near your next travel destination? Check out the CrossFit affiliate map here:

Don’t want to drop-in at a CrossFit gym? Search fitness complexes in your area and drop-in. Take a class, do your own workout, or use their machines!

Modifying TILT’s Workout of the Day

Head down to your hotel gym and see what they have for equipment. If there a variety of weights and equipment, consider modifying TILT’s workout of the day. If there are minimal weights, a travel workout might be your go-to. Or, consider modifying TILT’s workout of the day and substituting any weighted movements with bodyweight movements. Check out some examples below:

TILT’s Workout of the Day:
200 Meter Row
10 Thrusters
10 Pull-ups
10 Burpees

Modified TILT Hotel Workout:
200 Meter Run (Treadmill or Outside)
10 Dumbbell Thrusters
10 Dumbbell Rows
10 Burpees

Modified TILT Bodyweight Workout:
200 Meter Run (Treadmill or Outside)
10 Air Squats
10 Push-ups
10 Burpee

No Gym, No Weights, No Problem!

If dropping into a local gym sounds like too much of a hassle and you have minimal equipment..have no fear – bodyweight movements will do the trick!

It doesn’t take much to get in a good workout. There are so many workouts that require little to no equipment and can be done virtually anywhere. Think about the variety of movements that can be done with just your bodyweight..squats, push-ups, sit-ups, running, burpees, lunges, and so much more! Take advantage of your hotel room, hotel fitness center, or any space that is available. A list of travel workouts can be found below. Need other ideas? Email a coach for help!

Travel Workouts:

50 or 100 Burpees For Time

3 Rounds For Time: Run 800 meters, 20 Squats, 20 Push ups, 20 Squats

4 Rounds For Time: Run 400 meters, 50 air squats

7 Rounds For Time: 10 Pushups 20 Sit ups 30 Squats

5 Rounds For Time: Run 200 meters, 10 Burpees

3 Rounds For Time: Run 400 meters, 30 Pushups

AMRAP 12:  10 Burpees, 15 Sit ups

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of burpees and a 100 meter sprint between each set

21-15-9 for time of:  Burpees, Air Squats and Pushups

For Time: Run 1, 2 or 3 miles for time

3 rounds of 200, 400, 600m run – rest equal running time

In 10 minutes complete 1 mile run and as many burpees as possible

5x400m Run, 1 minute rest

10x100m sprints, Every minute on the minute.

24-21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of push ups and Jumping Lunges

Tabata Squats, Push ups, Burpees and/or Sit ups

3 Rounds: 50 Situps, 400 Meter Run

10 Rounds For Time: 10 Walking Lunges 10 Pushups

4 Rounds For Time: Run 400m 50 Air Squats

10 Rounds For Time: 10 Push-ups 10 Squats

Tabata Squats: 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest, 8 rounds (or, pick any other movement!)

For Time: Run 800m 100 Air Squats Run 800m

Core Cashouts:
8 Rounds:
:20 on/:10 off
Hollow hold or sit-ups

Russian Twists (2 count)

:20 Hollow hold into..
:20 Flutter kicks then..
:10 rest (5-8 minutes)

100 Sit-ups for Time

How Should I Warm-Up?

Always do a light warm-up before your workout. The goal of the warmup is to get moving, get sweaty, and prime your body for the workout ahead.

Here is a basic bodyweight warmup that can be done anywhere:

:30 Jumping Jacks
:30 Quad Stretches
:30 Knuckle Draggers
:30 Spidermans
:30 Sampson Stretch
:30 Walkout to Plank


5 Push-ups
10 Sit-ups
15 Air Squats

Within 7 minutes you should be warmed up and ready to go!

Just Move!

As you can see, there are many ways to stay active while traveling. Don’t let a week away from TILT ruin your progress. No matter where you are in the world, there is always an opportunity to sweat and move!

Diet Dogma By Coach Kathleen

One of the most common questions when it comes to health and wellness is “Should I
try this diet?”. We have all heard of Paleo, Keto, Atkins, Vegetarian, Vegan, and so forth. We
choose diets to follow for many reasons. Some of us eat a certain way for religious purposes,
others for ethical purposes, weight loss, performance, etc. Whatever we choose to eat is
considered our “diet” and to take it one step further to the origin of the greek word “diata”
means, “way of living”. Our diet represents the way we live, and how we nourish our bodies, so
let’s breakdown diet dogma and learn more about what is really the best diet for us.
When we look into how indigenous cultures ate, there were a wide variety of diets based
on availability of food sources. There were no supermarkets importing goods from across the
country and world, local and seasonal was the only option. Of these populations, almost all
proved to be quite healthy despite having wildly different ways of eating. Fast forward to this day
and age, we can choose to eat however we want without much hassle. Want to try Keto? We
have all of the accessibility to do everything from reading clinical research studies to ordering
prepared meals that fit the exact criteria of the diet.

The problem arises when we choose a diet that doesn’t jive with our bodies. For
instance, the ketogenic diet can be extremely healing and effective for people who do
endurance style training. This is because it puts the body into ketosis where it is primarily
burning fat for fuel. As we have learned, fat is a slow burning source of fuel and can sustain us

at a low to moderate activity level for quite some time. Conversely, if we are extremely active
and participate in a lot of high intensity interval training, this particular diet can leave us feeling
fatigued and cause more stress to our bodies, however this is bio-individual and there are
outliers on both sides of the coin.

So how do we find the correct diet, or way of living, for ourselves? A great way to start is
through trial and error. Participating in group challenges that emphasize a particular diet is a
phenomenal way to test the water while having some accountability to stay on track. Picking a
time frame of no less than 4 weeks to devote to a certain style of eating will give us quantitative
data as to how our bodies respond. Another option would be to work with a nutritionist to
develop a baseline style of eating that compliments our lifestyle and moves us in the direction of
our goals. Keeping one key point in mind, that we must commit to sticking to a certain way of
eating for a set period of time in order to see the true results. Results can’t be determined in a
test period of 3 days. Let’s commit this upcoming year to creating the diet that compliments our
lifestyle and allows us to live fully, feel great and accomplish our goals!

Holiday Party 2019: What to Expect

Dudley Chateau

@ The Dudley Chateau, 20 Crest RD, Wayland, MA 01778

As the TILT Holiday Party quickly approaches some may be left wondering,  what exactly should I expect at such an event?

I have laid out a comprehensive guide as to what one should expect at this party to ease the social anxiety you may or may not be willing to admit you are experiencing.

First off, as you follow your Waze or Google Maps and begin approach the Chat you may wonder, “This thing is broken what kind of establishment is located in this residential area” … You are NOT lost… Keep driving.

Second, do NOT expect ample parking. Arrive early-ish or Uber or Lift or carpool with your friends or heckin’ heck force your kids to drive you! Tell them Santa is watching! The stakes are HIGH this time of year for kids!

Third, when you enter the building expect not a whole lot of room to do anything but shuffle your feet and take small steps. The place will be BUMPIN. Your personal space will be non-existant. But it will be intruded only with your closest exercise friends.

Fourth, Do not bring your favorite jacket/sweater that you will put down and forget about.  You may never see it again. And if you realize the next day you forgot it, you probably do not want it back at that point anyway.

Fifth, the only thing more BUMPIN than the party itself will be the FOOD.  Maybe post-up near the food, this way you have constant access to said food, and also, a great opportunity to interact with everybody as everyone will be passing by the food.  If you prefer to go to a party and interact with as few people as possible, grab your food and then retreat immediately to a corner of the establishment.  I respect this but will still find and talk to you.

Sixth, with what will feels like 1/2 the population of the metro-west at the Chat, it will be warm.  Listen, I just don’t want you to arrive in your favorite hipster wool turtle-neck sweater and find 24 minutes into the party that you are regretting every life decision you’ve ever made.  I am looking out for your comfort, health, and well-being here.

Seventh, don’t arrive “fashionably late” I realize it is not ideal to be the first one there and have to discuss probably the weather with the only other person who arrived on time, but make it happen people, not sure when the food comes out but you wouldn’t want to risk missing that. 7 PM friends.

Most importantly, expect to have a kick butt time in VERY close quarters with some of your favorite people and maybe meet some new TILT peeps you never knew existed.

Deodorant By Coach Kathleen

Whether we are inactive or extremely active, chances are we all have used some form of
deodorant or antiperspirant. Body odor occurs when bacteria on our skin mixes with sweat.
There are various kinds of odor-causing bacteria that result in different odors based on the
reason we are sweating. Sweat caused from stress or hormones will cause a different odor than
sweat caused simply from expelling water and electrolytes from physical activity.

A simple and effective way to remove body odor is to shower with anti-bacterial agents.
Many essential oils like tea tree, lavender and lemongrass have strong antibacterial properties
and are safe to use as natural fragrances. Natural deodorants can also do the trick if we choose
the correct brands. Deodorant should still allow for perspiration, our bodies natural form of
detoxification. It should also contain ingredients that we recognize which could include coconut
oil, baking soda, beeswax and essential oils. Additionally, we can limit foods that cause an
increase in body odor like processed foods, refined sugar and dairy, and fried foods.
Antiperspirants are another product that can lessen body odor but before we grab one from the
shelf, we should make sure to understand the potential risks first.

Antiperspirants aim to do exactly what the name applies: stop us from perspiring. While
some people genetically tend to sweat more than others, let’s recall that our skin is a
detoxification organ. If we inhibit our body from expelling toxins out of our skin, we are trapping

them inside and allowing them to continue causing damage. Our skin also absorbs everything
we put on it, and as with deodorant, reading the ingredient label is imperative. Antiperspirants
often contain toxins and metals like aluminum which can lead to DNA damage, abnormal cell
function and changes in gene expression. Concentrating these toxins and metals in places like
our underarms can lead to a higher risk of lymphatic and breast cancer in women.

In order to keep ourselves smelling fresh but also working towards optimal health, it’s
best to do our homework when it comes to deodorant and antiperspirants. If we are simply
sweating from physical activity, we generally will not produce an odor from expelling just
electrolytes and water. Managing stress and eating healthy will also greatly lessen the need for
any additional products. When necessary, spending the extra few dollars on a brand without
chemical additives that has natural bacterial fighting agents will accomplish the goal and keep
us warding off the nursing home for years to come.

– Levy, Jillian. “5 Natural Deodorant Remedies, Plus How to Make Your Own!” Dr. Axe,
15 Feb. 2018,
– Integrative Nutrition. “A Guide to Natural Deodorants.” Institute for Integrative Nutrition,
Integrative Nutrition, 17 Jan. 2018,

Pumpkin Carving Contest Rules

Pumpkin Carving Contest 2019

As the stakes are about as high as the hype surrounding this year’s Pumpkin Carving Contest the official rules and regulations are HERE:

1. First things first, this is under no circumstances a pumpkin PAINTING contest. Absolutely NOT. Pumpkins MUST be CARVED in order to be entered into the competition

2.  Can I hollow out my pumpkin before I get to the event? YES! In fact, please do! This will be more conducive to some great carving as it leaves more time to carve and not just be squishing your arm elbow deep in pumpkin guts.  Also, less mess!

3. A clock will be set for 1 hour and this is your carving time limit.  So I would come with a plan so you don’t end up with some basic pumpkin face with 2 triangle eyes and a mouth that looks like it hasn’t seen the dentist in 12 years.

4. If you have a “Pumpkin Carving Guy” thats great and cool to tell people at parties but honestly extremely useful for very little and also not acceptable for the competition.  You, yourself and you must carve the pumpkin being entered into the competition.  But wait, can my kids help me? Sure, your 7 year old that got an A- in art class can help.  Not to concerned about little Joey who can now draw to the level that is basically a glorified “Life is Good” t-shirt.

5. Scoring is as follows: Each individual who has carved a pumpkin gets a token representing their vote for best pumpkin.  You will place that token in the pumpkin you think is the best carved.  YOU MAY NOT VOTE FOR YOUR OWN PUMPKIN.


If these rules seem harsh (or say, I don’t know, spooky), good.  This isn’t just for fun people, this is to WIN A C2 ROWER.  If we do not have such rules what would be have? Anarchy, we would have anarchy.


TILT Halloween Party

Halloween Party 11/1/2019

TILT Halloween Party 2019

I am incredibly excited to announce that TILT Waltham will be hosting a Halloween Extravaganza on Friday 11/1!

Here’s a breakdown of what’s happening:

 Trunk or Treat, Costume Contest, Face Painting and Pumpkin Carving

Dress Up, Bring your kids, workout, eat pizza and hang out with some friends!

The fun all starts at 4 PM!

4 PM – 6 PM Festivities and Activities
Trunk or Treat
Costume Contest
Face Painting
Pumpkin Carving

6 PM – 8 PM Open 20.4

8 PM… Eat Pizza

TILT Affiliate Cup

October 10th to November 8th

The Affiliate Cup is coming to TILT!
The Affiliate Cup is a fun new way to participate in the CrossFit Open!
All you need to do is sign up and put down your name and your shirt size.  Men will get a new TILT tee and ladies will get a new TILT tank and the rest of the money will go towards new gym equipment!
Then you’ll be put on a team, either team red or team blue.
None of this is performance based so here is how you earn points for your team:
You earn 1 point for:

Doing the Open WOD in class on Friday
Judging someone in class on Friday
Wearing your team color in class on Friday
Posting your score to the blog

You earn 2 points for:

Doing the Open WOD at Friday Night Lights
Judging someone at Friday Night Lights
Wearing your team color at Friday Night Lights
Bringing a friend to spectate at Friday Night Lights

At the end of the Open we will tally up all the points and the winning team will get to choose how we should spend the money raised for new gym equipment!
Every Friday we will be holding Friday Night Lights at 5:30 PM. We will have some awesome sponsors and will be raffling off some cool prizes!
If you have any other questions post to comments or email

Paleo Power Meals is now offering meal delivery service to TILT. We're also going to stock our fridge with a few Grab-N-Go meals for you to try.

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