The Final Countdown
For Time:
10 down to 1…
Wall Balls @ 20/14
KB SDHP @ 70/53
200m Run after Each Round

Workout Guidance:
Classic Saturday Sweat Fest. Unbroken Wall Balls, Check. Unbroken KB SDHP, Check. Steady and Consistent Burpees, Check. Push the Run, Checkmate. Let’s get fit, have some fun, and sweat our buns off.

Box Brief:
Lift N Chill September Sundays with Eddie – Every Sunday in September from 9am-10:30am @ TILT Sudbury. Click HERE for details. 

9/24 TILT Waltham Pop-Up Yoga Class @8:00am

Halloween Throw Down Saturday October 21st @ 8:45am at TILT Waltham – Click HERE for details. Sign-up at the front desk!