When: Friday August 26th – Wednesday November 23rd
What: 90 Day Challenge – Zero Ingredients, One Plate, 3-5 Meals per day
Cost: Free!
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Kickoff Meeting/Workout
Saturday August 27th at 8am in Sudbury (31 Union Ave)
One big workout with all the gyms followed by our nutrition challenge meeting!
There will be no classes in Waltham or Southborough this day.

Monthly Check-Ins
We will be holding two monthly check-ins during this challenge where we will gather at one of our community gyms (just like the kickoff meeting) to workout together and have a nutrition chat/check-in!
There will be no classes at the other community gyms on these days.

Saturday, October 8th @ 8am in Southborough (12 Southville Road)
Saturday, November 12th @ 8am in Waltham (40 Jones Road)

Challenge Details..
More details will be provided at the nutrition challenge kickoff meeting!

Zero Ingredients
Exactly how it sounds! Fill your plate with food that does not have any extra ingredients added to it.
Check out some food examples below..

One Plate / 3-5 Meals per Day
Aim for one plate per meal. No seconds! Try to fill your plate with protein, carbs, fats, and vegetables in every meal. Chat with a coach for additional help!