Weightlifting Wednesday
3 Sets
5 Front Squats + 5 Strict Presses
3 Sets
3 Front Squats + 3 Push Presses
3 Sets
1 Front Squat + 1 Jerk (Push or Split)
3 Sets
30 second Front Rack Hold (at heaviest weight from Front Squat + Jerk)

WOD Guidance
In every front squat complex today, we’re limited by our ability to move weight overhead. The front squats are meant as an opportunity to practice technique and build some strength at lighter weights, so they shouldn’t feel particularly heavy. For the front rack holds, have a partner watch the clock for you so you’re not trying to look at the clock with weight on your shoulders.

Question of the Day
What’s a movie, TV show, or song, that society agrees isn’t good but that you enjoy anyway?

On Wednesday, September 1st there will be no 6:30pm class, so get your fitness in early!
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September Events!

Saturday Sept 11th – TILT Marathon @ TILT Waltham – Click HERE for sign-up and details.
Saturday Sept 18th – TILT Fall Getaway @ Mount Abram – Click HERE for sign-ups and all details.
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