Metallica, 'Ride the Lightning' - Album Overview

Ride The Lightening
For Time:
150 KBS @ 53/35
*Every Time You Break – 5 Burpees*

Workout Guidance:
“Flash before my eyes
Now it’s time to die
Burning in my Brain
I can feel the flame”

Box Brief:
24 Heroes Event – Saturday, May 18th – Sunday May 19th – Click HERE for all details
*Pre-order a fundraiser T-shirt or Tank at the front desk! All proceeds will be donated to the event.

Looks Good, Feel Good Class!
When: Saturday, April 27th @ 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM at TILT Southboro
Click HERE for all details

Pop-Up Yoga.
Sunday, April 28th at 8am @ TILT Waltham.