Team Tosh
Teams of 2
3 rounds
200m run
400m run
600m run

Workout Guidance
This workout is a classic that we’ve programmed in many different forms. The first thing to understand when we’re looking at ‘Tosh” is that both athletes do one distance at a time. So we could write it as, “Buddy 1 – 200m, Buddy 2 – 200m, Buddy 1 – 400m, Buddy 2 – 400m etc. This makes it a long workout. Any time under 30 minutes is highly respectable for “Tosh!” If we’re talking about scaling this workout, the best way to do it is reduce distance. For a team of less seasoned runners, it may be more appropriate do do 100m, 200m, 300m for the 3 distances. A more advanced scaling option may also be to just reduce the 600m to 400m each round. The last interesting thing about “Tosh” is that it shakes out such that Buddy 2 has a slightly tougher workout than Buddy 1, as they only have 200m worth of rest after their 600m run.

Question of the Day
What’s your favorite duo from a movie or TV show?

Box Brief
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