Sunday Funday
Tabata at each station

Strict T2B/Hanging Leg Raises
Single arm DB Push Press (Right) (35/20)
Strict Pull-ups
Single arm DB Push Press (Left) (35/20)

1 minute rest between each Tabata

Workout Guidance
Today we have a workout that’s going to challenge the endurance in our grip and shoulders. Our first objective should be to pick a weight that allows us to complete every 20 second set of push presses without putting the dumbbells down. Once we’ve established a dumbbell weight, we should pick modifications for the strict pull-ups and the strict toes to bar that allow us to start out doing multiple reps, and where we can reliably do single and double reps even when we’re tired. The strict toes to bar is a movement that we don’t see as often, so we’ll start there. If we want to keep our toes to bar strict, the very simple test is that our feet never come behind the pull-up bar. The top of the moment is of course our feet touching the bar, and the bottom us us in a hollow body position hanging from the pull-up bar with our feet slightly in front. The first scale for this is the hanging leg raise, where we only lift our legs as far as we’re able, but observe the same strict standard at the bottom of the movement. If we’re not hanging from the pull-up bar we should feel free to do a v-up or a sit-up. Today is a good day to use a band for pull-ups, and we can also modify to ring rows if grip becomes too much of an issue on the pull-up bar.

CrossFit TILT will be CLOSED on Monday July 4th! We will be doing Glen on Saturday the 2nd at a 7am class and a 9am class, and Open Gym will run as normal on Sunday the 3rd