Why not Devin
4 rounds of:
10 Box Jumps @ 30/24″
27 Wall Balls @ 30/20#
10 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

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This is Devin Suau. He is six-years-old, and after falling off his snowboard last week and seeing a doctor about a possible concussion, he was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG).  DIPG is a very rare type of pediatric cancer that is aggressive and unforgiving.  The tumor is located in Devin’s brain stem.  Tragically, because of its location, the tumor is inoperable and has no known cure.  Devin’s family was told he likely has somewhere between 8 months to 2 years to live.  

As you can imagine, Devin’s family has been completely rocked by this news, and those closest to Devin are fighting back!  Throughout history, disease and illness has wreaked its havoc, but our history is also ripe with examples of cures and medical breakthroughs that take such insurmountable odds and turn them on their head!  The Suaus are prepared to take the fight to this vicious cancer, but they will need the help of our communities to do it.  Devin’s mom put it best: Someone has to be the first – Why not Devin!  If you are able, please consider following the link below and donating to Devin’s fight for a cure!

Devin is the youngest of four brothers to an amazing family in Framingham. They love each other in a way that is inspiring to anyone they meet. Devin looms large wherever he goes.  Even in the most chaotic situation with kids running around all over the place, you notice Devin.  At six-years-old, he is one of the funniest, most fun-loving, athletic kids you could meet. He can light up a room with his contagious laugh and brighten your day with his amazing smile and quick wit.  He’s the kid in the middle of every picture making funny faces and showing you his hug muscles.  Devin is amazing.

When tragedy strikes, we process and react to it the best way we know how.  Here at CrossFit TILT, we honor people by pouring our sweat into the floor and thinking about those we love, those who are lost, and those who need our help.  Today, we pay tribute to this young fighter, Devin.  Today we say, Why not Devin!

Beyond your generous donations if anyone has questions about Devin or DIPG, or would like to reach out to the Suaus, please contact one of our members, Andrew Hohenstein.  He is very close to the Suaus and would gladly connect you.  In fact, the Suaus would like you to share Devin’s story in an effort to honor Devin and to continue to raise awareness for DIPG in hopes that it leads to a cure!  When doing so, use the hashtag #whynotdevin.  Devin loves it and thinks it’s really cool that he has been “trending” :).

And if anyone is wondering about today’s rep scheme. Devin is incredibly close to his 3 brothers, so the 4 represents them, and Devin was born on October 27, 2010.

Get after it, folks.  And hug the ones you love.


Click HERE to donate to Devin.