Dudley Chateau

@ The Dudley Chateau, 20 Crest RD, Wayland, MA 01778

As the TILT Holiday Party quickly approaches some may be left wondering,  what exactly should I expect at such an event?

I have laid out a comprehensive guide as to what one should expect at this party to ease the social anxiety you may or may not be willing to admit you are experiencing.

First off, as you follow your Waze or Google Maps and begin approach the Chat you may wonder, “This thing is broken what kind of establishment is located in this residential area” … You are NOT lost… Keep driving.

Second, do NOT expect ample parking. Arrive early-ish or Uber or Lift or carpool with your friends or heckin’ heck force your kids to drive you! Tell them Santa is watching! The stakes are HIGH this time of year for kids!

Third, when you enter the building expect not a whole lot of room to do anything but shuffle your feet and take small steps. The place will be BUMPIN. Your personal space will be non-existant. But it will be intruded only with your closest exercise friends.

Fourth, Do not bring your favorite jacket/sweater that you will put down and forget about.  You may never see it again. And if you realize the next day you forgot it, you probably do not want it back at that point anyway.

Fifth, the only thing more BUMPIN than the party itself will be the FOOD.  Maybe post-up near the food, this way you have constant access to said food, and also, a great opportunity to interact with everybody as everyone will be passing by the food.  If you prefer to go to a party and interact with as few people as possible, grab your food and then retreat immediately to a corner of the establishment.  I respect this but will still find and talk to you.

Sixth, with what will feels like 1/2 the population of the metro-west at the Chat, it will be warm.  Listen, I just don’t want you to arrive in your favorite hipster wool turtle-neck sweater and find 24 minutes into the party that you are regretting every life decision you’ve ever made.  I am looking out for your comfort, health, and well-being here.

Seventh, don’t arrive “fashionably late” I realize it is not ideal to be the first one there and have to discuss probably the weather with the only other person who arrived on time, but make it happen people, not sure when the food comes out but you wouldn’t want to risk missing that. 7 PM friends.

Most importantly, expect to have a kick butt time in VERY close quarters with some of your favorite people and maybe meet some new TILT peeps you never knew existed.