Pumpkin Carving Contest 2019

50 V-Ups
40 DB Snatch @ 50/35
50 DB Box Step Over @ 50/35 24/20
40 DB Snatch @ 50/35
50 V-Ups

WOD Guidance
Whenever we do a pyramid set-up, as we have in this workout, we always want to make the second half of the workout resemble the first as much as possible. I brief this by having my athletes imagine themselves in the second half of the workout, thinking about how long they’ll be resting between sets of dumbbell snatches and toes to bar, as well as what kind of breaks they’ll be taking. From here, we want to make similar decisions on our way up the pyramid, so that our pacing can be consistent throughout the workout.

Question of the Day
What book, movie, or piece of media changed the way you see the world?

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