Sadie Jane
AMRAP 23:00
16 shuttle runs (each 25-ft length is 1 rep)
9 bar-facing burpees
3 power cleans @ 185/125#

WOD Guidance
A new workout on CrossFit.com, this one features a fun combo of running, bar facing burpees, and power cleans. The barbell loading should be on the heavier side for a metcon and might feature a couple unbroken sets but quick singles should work just fine. A return of the shuttle run into our lives, this time with each length counting as a rep. This is a long workout, with relatively short rounds – choose a steady pace for this one, and cruise for 23 minutes.

Box Brief:
24 Heroes Fundraiser – Saturday May 20th – Sunday May 21st – Click HERE for all details
Saturday 5/20 & Sunday 5/21 – Waltham Gym Closed due to our 24 Heroes event in Southborough (12 Southville Road)