Monday 2.10.20


OTM x 30
1 – 1 Round of DT @ 115/80
2 – 12 T2B
3 – 15/12 Cal Row or Bike

*1 Round of DT = 12 DL, 9 HPC, 6 Push Jerk

WOD Guidance
Light Barbell for your round of DT
Mod your cals to work for :40 seconds or less on your row or bike

Question of the Day
Are Crocs a functional and fashionable footwear choice or downright reckless in the name of all things style?


Sunday 2.9.20


Open Gym 9 AM – 1 PM

Sundae Fundae
Death By Row, Bike, or Ski
Min 1 – 1 Cal
Min 2 – 2 Cal
Min 3 – 3 Cal

WOD Guidance
Add 1 calorie until you cannot complete the work in the minute

Box Brief
-Open gym today from 9 am to 1 pm!

Friday 2.7.20



5 Power Snatch @ 155/105
7 Toes to Bar
9 Box Jumps @ 24/20

WOD Guidance
Moderate barbell
1 or 2 sets on your T2B

Question of the Day
What is the ideal length of a nap?

Box Brief
-Rowathon going down TOMORROW!
-Need to know more about what to expect on Saturday? Click HERE!

Thursday 2.6.20

Krop Top Kyle


:30 on :30 off
100 Russian KBS @ 70/53
100 Goblet Squats @ 70/53
100 Burpees

WOD Guidance
Heavier KB today
Choose a weight to go for big sets on your swings and squats

Question of the Day
Is ketchup with eggs a good or an utterly offensive food combo?

Box Brief
-Rowathon going down THIS SATURDAY! There is still tome to sign up! Click HERE for more info!
-Need to know more about what to expect on Saturday? Click HERE!

Wednesday 2.5.20

J Rad

Whiskey Sour
10 – 20 – 30
DB Push Press @ 50s/35s or Barbell @ 95/65
DB Box Step Up @ 50/35 and 20″ across

WOD Guidance
Up Ladder today!
2 DB’s for your push press
1 DB for your step ups

Question of the Day
Do you wash your newly purchased clothes before you wear them?

Box Brief
-Rowathon going down THIS SATURDAY! There is still tome to sign up! Click HERE for more info!

Tuesday 2.4.20


White Russian
2 rounds of
100 Double Unders
50 DB/KB Deadlifts @ 50/35 or 53/35 or Barbell @ 115/80
50 Abmat Sit-ups
50/35 Calorie Row or Bike

WOD Guidance
No longer than :90 on your rope
Light DB/KB/Barbell weight for your deadlifts

Question of the Day
What was the worst era for clothing and why?

Box Brief
-Rowathon going down THIS SATURDAY! There is still tome to sign up! Click HERE for more info!

Monday 2.3.20


Mai Tai
Squat Cleans @135/95
Strict Pull Ups
HR Push Ups

WOD Guidance
Moderate weight for your squat cleans!
Break up you strict movements early and often!

Question of the Day

Box Brief

Congratulations to the January Committed Club

Allyssa Bates – 27
Kyle FITalgo – 27
Lil Doc C – 26
Jean-P Cyr – 26
Dawn Guarriello – 26
Carter Austin-Bradley – 25
Max 2.0 – 25
Rich Goguen – 25
Eddie Saenz – 25
Andy Carmichael – 24
Mike Colvin – 23
Loch – 23
Cari DiCicco – 23
Kristen “Coffee is my Warm Up” Riley – 23
Beautiful Ben – 23
Colleen Chapin – 22
Andrea Domings – 22
Martha Kaniaru – 22
Alex “Pants in the Summer” Perry – 22
Chris Zimmel – 22
Cindy Basque – 21
Joe and the Chang Gang – 21
Christina Chew – 21
Laura DeNomme – 21
Mark Dacey – 20
Tara “The Influencer” Hamel – 20
Ed Hamel – 20
Ayana Robertson – 20
Josh Tatelman -20

Sunday 2.2.20


Yoga 9 AM!
Open Gym 10 AM – 1 PM!

Sundae Fundae

WOD Guidance
BIG Sunday grind today!

Box Brief
-Get your teams together, the 2nd Annual CrossFit TILT Rowathon is coming!  Click HERE for more info!
-Yoga Sunday at 9 AM!

Saturday 2.1.20

Member of the Month Alex!

3 rounds of:
30 Toes to Bar
30 Single Arm DB Hang Clean and Jerk @ 50/35 (switch every 5 reps)
30 Goblet Squats @ 50/35
30 Box Jump Over @ 24/20

WOD Guidance
Manageable sets on T2B!
Light DB for your C&J and Goblet squats!

Box Brief
A new month means our announcement of our newest Member of the Month! This month we are recognizing Alex Perry. Alex is loyal to our evening classes and despite wearing pants through the thick heat of summer he does in fact have knees as he has recently decided to wear shorts through the New England winter months. And although his pants/shorts choices may seem confusing, what is clear is his dedication, hard work and all around energy at the gym! Thanks for being you, we are lucky to have you Alex!

Learn more about Alex with his answers to our Member of the Month questions…

How long have you been doing CrossFit and how did you start?
I have been doing CrossFit for a year and 7 months. In 2017 I joined a gym for the first time ever, Planet Fitness. I really enjoyed it but what I liked the most was working out with my friends. However over time they started joining me less and less. So I asked a friend (who coaches CrossFit) about the sport and of course he recommended his gym. So in June 2018 I join FitFactory and started taking CrossFit classes. In February 2019 I moved to Waltham where I quickly started looking for a new CrossFit gym. I dropped in at One Nation and the next day I dropped in at Tilt.

What do you do when you’re not at TILT?
Besides work I play a lot of board and video games. I got back into the Stardew Valley and have actually really been enjoying the new Call of Duty. It’s awesome because they added cross-play so even though all my friends don’t have the same console or PC we can still play together. As for the board game, we’ve been playing a lot of Carcassonne; a tile placing game with a decent amount of strategy. Board games with a lot of choices allowing for different strategies are my favorite.

What is something most of TILT doesn’t know about you?
Before I got into fitness, for some months, I got really into counting cards. I spent a lot of time reading about it, practicing and finally trying it out at the casino. I’d go with friends who knew how to play but didn’t count so when they saw me start to increase my bets they’d do the same. This was pretty sketchy as it could have been an easy indicator that we were counting cards. However we never got caught but really only thing they could have done was tell us to leave. I think a couple bad weekends in a row ultimately turned us away but it was fun while it lasted.

Have you had a favorite moment at TILT?
I don’t remember exactly how it went down but it was one of the first WODs I did at TILT that had a 2 mile run. I must have taken the first mile easy because the second mile I really turned up the pace. I was able to catch up to Greg and Ben despite my slower first mile. Lindsay and Max were really impressed on how much time I made up during that second mile. They said something along the lines of how awesome that was to watch and that just made me feel great!

Most importantly, now that you have the Member of the Month belt, what would your walkout song be?
Nate Rose – Just Be

Paleo Power Meals is now offering meal delivery service to TILT. We're also going to stock our fridge with a few Grab-N-Go meals for you to try.

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