Ok so you commented on my FaceBook video (maybe just cuz you saw other people doing it and you thought oh heck i’ll comment on whatever trendy post this is too) and you’re not so sure what you just agreed to do … let me help you understand.  So, this May is looking like its shaping up to be a bit different than last year (thank GAWD) and instead of spending our days making enough Banana bread each day to feed the entire metro west for a week and a half, we are finding some normalcy in social events again (like my bday bash if you attended). But this means we are actually leaving our house. Maybe you’re even headed back into the office soon and the shock of having to wear something other than your TILT sweatpants has you feeling like you’re dressing for a gosh darn MET Gala.  So lets get in met gala shape shall we?!

So here is what you agreed to… LITERALLY ANYTHING HEALTHY… Guys… this is up to YOU or HECK if you need to be told what to do I can do that for YOU!

-800 Grams of fruits and Veggies a day
-More H2O
-Less Sugar
-More whole foods
-No Take-Out

Am I going to bully you more than Braatz bullies people into perfect parking just to be healthy with me for a month? Yes.
Will you maybe not like me for a hot sec? YES maybe longer who knows.
Will you thank me later when you feel so amazing that you could run a half marathon with no training on brand new running shoes (too soon)? No you’ll pretend I had nothing to do with it.

I am not asking you to chew on raw beets or broccoli for a month or to quit sugar cold turkey and send yourself into a spiral of detox emotions while you chew on a raw carrot pretending it’s a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Tonight Dough.  Let’s just make one small sustainable step towards better health. Together.

“Oh BuT A MoNtH LoNg CoMmItMeNt iS A lOt aNd I aM AfRaId oF CoMmItMeNt” … You’re afraid of commitment?! you’re an adult, and I am not asking you to marry me (otherwise your fears would be valid) i’m literally asking (begging) you to eat vegetables. Not only will we be Met Gala ready, but maybe you’ll be pulling a few less pounds on Memorial day Murph. Who knows? (Well you will know if you join me)

JOIN ME, because we always do amazing things as a group. and because i’ll last about 2 days if someone isn’t doing it with me (or reference, i tried going caffeine free for a week for $20 and lasted 3 hours) So if you aren’t doing this for you (which you should be), do it for me.