Mary Alison

Weightlifting Wednesday
3 sets –
3(1+1) of snatch deadlift to the power position (pause) + squat snatch
3 sets –
2(1+1) of snatch deadlift to the knee (pause) + squat snatch
3 sets –
1 squat snatch
3 sets –
5 snatch deadlifts to the power position @ heaviest snatch weight from the day

WOD Guidance
For each pause, we’re looking for a solid “One Mississippi” at each position. Weights today should be relatively light to allow you to focus on correct balance in each position. Feel free to build across your sets, or keep the same weight for each segment. You should be working on getting heavier moving from one segment to another, with the single squat snatch and snatch deadlift being the heaviest of the day.

Question of the Day
What’s something you liked as a kid that grosses you out now?

On Wednesday, September 1st there will be no 6:30pm class, so get your fitness in early!
In observance of Labor Day, there will be two classes on Monday, September 6 at 7am and 9am. We will be closed on Sunday the 5th.

September Events!

Saturday Sept 11th – TILT Marathon @ TILT Waltham – Click HERE for sign-up and details.
Saturday Sept 18th – TILT Fall Getaway @ Mount Abram – Click HERE for sign-ups and all details.
If you have any questions about our September events, please contact Brian at