Jon “Bobby Flay Who” Keyes

Squat Clean Thruster
Heavy Single

3 rounds of:
5 Squat Clean Thrusters @ 165/115
10 Strict Pull-ups
50 Double Unders

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Cari “Take a Seat Cat Cora” DiCicco

Question of the Day
Name a song that you personally identify with?

Box Brief
The time has come to announce our Fit For Life Nutrition Challenge Winners! Huge shout out to Jon Keyes and Cari DiCicco for taking the TOP men and women’s spots!

Jon Keyes – 297pts + 38 Rep Improvement on WOD

Jon is always showing up! Whether it’s to the gym (regularly) or in this challenge, he always puts his best foot forward! We were incredibly impressed with Jon’s creativity with meals. If Jon is opening a restaurant soon, we will be the first to the door! Great work Jon! We hope you continue to share those tasty recipes!

What Jon had to say about the challenge: “I think the big things I’ve noticed about my body is how much different I feel when I am not properly hydrated or get 8 hours of sleep. It’s almost like a hungover feeling the next morning. I also didn’t realize how much coffee effected me getting optimal water intake. It was difficult to get in bed so early and to skip that extra cup of coffee that I really wanted, but how it made me feel was noticeable. I also enjoyed documenting and sharing what I was eating with others. Hoping to inspire people to try something new.”

Cari A Di – 358pts + 10 Rep Improvement on WOD

Cari is a religious 5:15am’er and avid runner (wish her luck in running her second Boston Marathon!). Her hard work inside the gym certainly reflects her work ethic outside of the gym as well! She brought an array of amazing vegetarian recipes to the challenge including several real food breakfast waffles (which were phenomenal, by the way)! Thank you Cari for participating and encouraging everyone to think outside of the box! Looking forward to watching you cross the finish line on Monday!

What Cari had to say about the challenge: “As a strict vegetarian of 20 years, I attribute my success much to your guidance. It is not easy! The hydration piece and balanced meal piece was very helpful. As a coffee lover, this was something I did not pay enough attention to. And now that I have, I feel better in general. I feel more energized and stronger during WODs. This is also helping me greatly with my running.”

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Fit For Life Nutrition Challenge! I hope everyone left the challenge with more meal ideas and refined habits for sustaining a healthier diet and lifestyle! Thank you for your feedback, and as always if you have questions or need help in the future please feel free to e-mail me at