Weightlifting Wednesday
3 Snatch DLs + 3 Power Snatches + 3 Overhead Squats
Rest 2 Minutes
2 Snatch DLs + 2 Power Snatches + 2 Overhead Squats
Rest 2 Minutes
1 Snatch DL + 1 Power Snatch + 1 Overhead Squat

Workout Guidance
Today is all about teaching the skill of “staying over the bar.” Often, in our effort to increase the amount of power we translate to the bar, we tend to open up our chest and throw our hips forward. While this does create significant elevation of the bar, it also alters the barbells’ trajectory in a way that makes it much more difficult to receive. The solution is to keep the chest in front of the bar through the power position, driving with the legs rather than yanking with the hips and back. The snatch deadlift allows us to practice this skill in a more controlled environment, by isolating the “first pull” of the snatch.

Question of the Day
What’s something you need to get rid of, but haven’t yet?

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