Mary Allison

Beauty & The Beast
OT3M x 10
200m Run
3 Power Cleans @ 225/155

Workout Guidance:

Congratulations! You are now The Beast from X-Men!
You’ve got some awesome powers such as… Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Agility, Enhanced Reflexes, Enhanced Senses, and Genius-Level Intellect.
Also, you’re blue.
Also, pick a weight you can do three heavy singles per round with.

Box Brief:
-Halloween Throw Down – Saturday October 21st @ 8:45 AM at TILT Waltham – Click HERE for all details including teams and heats.
-FREE Olympic Lifting Seminar – Mastering Mobility and Alleviating Aches – Friday Oct 20th @ 5:30 PM at TILT Waltham – Click HERE for all details
-Pop-Up Yoga Class – Sunday Oct 29th @ 8:00 AM-9:00 AM at TILT Waltham with Allyssa Bates!