Down and Dirty
3 rounds of
50m Lunge AFSAP
1 Burpee per Lunge Step Taken

Workout Guidance
Today we have a burner of two very challenging movements! This workout highlights one of the most important aspects of a burpee; high hips. When we do burpees, we’re dropping our whole body, including our hips, down to the floor. From there, we’re raising out entire body back up to a standing position. Athletes who are less experienced at burpees tend to do this by jumping their feet narrow in between their hands and doing a squat to jump up. While this is completely legitimate, we can save energy by jumping our feet wide up from the floor outside our hands and keeping our butt up high in the air. This uses the strong muscles of our butt, hamstrings, and lower back (together referred to as the “posterior chain”) to help us rise up to a standing position. Equally as important for this workout, it saves the muscles in front of our thighs, our quadriceps, from doing excessive work, as these will already be extremely taxed from our walking lunges.

Question of the Day
What’s something that grosses other people out but doesn’t gross you out?

CrossFit TILT will be CLOSED on Monday July 4th! We will be doing Glen on Saturday the 2nd, and Open Gym will run as normal on Sunday the 3rd