Back Squat 7×1

Cash Out – Bring Sally Up

Workout Guidance
We follow up an upper body strength day from yesterday with a lower body strength day today. The back squat 7×1 is an interesting example of a strength training concept called Raw Stimulus Magnitude or RSM. This is a fancy term for a phenomenon that we see illustrated every single strength day. There are a lot of things that determine an athletes ability to produce force: muscle size, age, training experience, muscle fiber composition, the ability to activate and recruit muscles, the ability to coordinate actions efficiently between muscle groups…the list goes on. All these factors contribute to the reasons why different athletes are capable of lifting vastly different loads. If you’re newer to sports in general or weightlifting in particular, you likely have the muscular potential to lift much more weight than you’re capable of expressing on a barbell. Conversely, a seasoned lifter is going to be extremely efficient at generating force through a bar because of how practiced they are at the skill of lifting weights. Additionally, a very large muscular person will generate much more force because they have the structures in place to do so; consider the difference in horsepower between a 4 cylinder and 8 cylinder engine. All this is to say that large, experienced lifters will be able to fatigue themselves much more quickly and will require much more rest between sets than new athletes. When you’re a new athlete and your coach gives 20 minutes for a strength portion like today, consider keeping to load moderate and going beyond seven sets. You won’t be able to fatigue yourself enough to make a difference for the workout, and the additional volume will help you build more muscle and become more efficient at the movement, to help you generate great Raw Stimulus Magnitudes in the future and begin to fall more in line with our volume prescriptions on strength days. The “Bring Sally Up” portion of class refers to the song “Flower” by Moby. You’ll pick a very light weight and for the duration of the song, you’ll squat down whenever the singer says “down” and stand whenever the singer says “up.”

Question of the Day
What’s the biggest concert you’ve ever been to?

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