New England Patriots
Teams of 2
6 rounds of
100m Row/Ski OR 200m Bike
200m Row/Ski OR 400m Bike
300m Row/Ski OR 600m Bike

Workout Guidance
Today we have a team workout focused on some shorter sprints on a machine. The pattern here is you go, I go for each distance. For example: athlete 1 rows 100m and then athlete 2 rows 100m. Repeat this pattern for all distances and rounds. The second athlete on this workout will have the shorter rest going into the next round, so keep that in mind when choosing athlete 1 and 2.

News and Announcements
TILT Rowathon – Saturday, Feb 11th @ 8:00am – Click HERE for all details!
4th Annual Affiliate Cup starts February 17th! Click HERE for all details