Morning After
5 rounds of
20 KBS @ 53/35
500m or 1000m Bike

Workout Guidance
Today is a challenging workout because the movements are simple and the sets are short. Stimulus-wise, we should prioritize picking a weight on the kettlebells that allows us to do all of the swings unbroken. From there, our distance on the row, bike or ski should take us no longer than 2:15 each round. The machine really should function as the component of the workout that we use to pace today. Our goal is to find the fastest pace that allows us to still get us all our kettlebell swings done unbroken. The good news is that because the workout ends on the machine, we only need to sustain that for four rounds. On the fifth row, bike or ski we get to go for broke and empty the tank, because after that the workout is over.

Question of the Day
What’s the wildest party night of your life?

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