Wondering about all the hoopla going down THIS Sunday?  I am here to HELP

First things first, the shindig goes down THIS UPCOMING Sunday (2/16) @ 1 PM at TILT Waltham!

If you are looking to revamp your workout gear this is the EVENT FOR YOU… we all know we have the best workouts when we are in fresh gear… I mean listen close, last time I got a new workout outfit I PR’d my back squat by 87 pounds, shaved 12 minutes off of my Fran time and walked 400 meters further than Coach Katrina on my hands all in the same day.  It was a good day.

Listen even closer, we know 2020 is the year you plan to grow your social media following and if there is one thing ABSOLUTELY necessary to be the Instagram fit chick you are aspiring to be, it’s a brand new (and by brand new i mean brand new to you but very much used by another TILT member) wardrobe.

It’s all the benefit of Poshmark where you can find the rare and valuable old school Lululemon gear that simply just isn’t the same anymore without paying shipping and handling.

Here’s how I would proceed… start scoping out the gear being worn by some of the TILT trendsetters.  I would then subtly convince them that they no longer need that NoBull Crop Top (that just happens to be in the color and size that NoBull has yet to restock since before the Dinosaurs went extinct).   Once you’ve scoped out the fashion around TILT and convinced people they need a revamp of their wardrobe BAM along comes Sunday and here you are all hyped up on PV Donuts and you now swoop in like an Instagram Fit Chick bird of prey scooping up all your new HIGH fashion LIGHTLY worn clothing.  Along comes Monday and your social media following has gown exponentially, so has your confidence, and miraculously so has your fitness abilities. The power of a new outfit people.  Do not sleep on the power of a new outfit.

– Max will bring somewhere between 72-243 T-shirts he thought he needed at some point
– A variety of PV Donuts
– No undiepants or socks