October 10th to November 8th

The Affiliate Cup is coming to TILT!
The Affiliate Cup is a fun new way to participate in the CrossFit Open!
All you need to do is sign up and put down your name and your shirt size.  Men will get a new TILT tee and ladies will get a new TILT tank and the rest of the money will go towards new gym equipment!
Then you’ll be put on a team, either team red or team blue.
None of this is performance based so here is how you earn points for your team:
You earn 1 point for:

Doing the Open WOD in class on Friday
Judging someone in class on Friday
Wearing your team color in class on Friday
Posting your score to the blog

You earn 2 points for:

Doing the Open WOD at Friday Night Lights
Judging someone at Friday Night Lights
Wearing your team color at Friday Night Lights
Bringing a friend to spectate at Friday Night Lights

At the end of the Open we will tally up all the points and the winning team will get to choose how we should spend the money raised for new gym equipment!
Every Friday we will be holding Friday Night Lights at 5:30 PM. We will have some awesome sponsors and will be raffling off some cool prizes!
If you have any other questions post to comments or email max@crossfittilt.com