Let’s work on a new skill today!

Jump Start
4 Rounds:
1:00 Double DB/KB Front Rack Hold
:30 Rest
1:00 Crossovers
:30 Rest
1:00 Cal Bike
:30 Rest

Workout Guidance
Core, Crossovers, & Conditioning…
The three C’s of CrossFit…
Today let’s look to choose a weight we can hold for a minute unbroken…
On the crossovers let’s try to work the skill for the entire minute…
And lastly, on the calories let’s BURN IT DOWN for the entire minute!

Box Brief
24 Heroes Event
Saturday, May 18th – Sunday May 19th – Click HERE for all details.
TILT Southboro and Waltham Closed on May 18th & May 19th

Memorial Day Murph
Waltham/Sudbury- Monday, May 27th – 7 AM & 9 AM Classes
Southboro- Monday, May 27th – 8 AM Class Only