Adventures in Dentistry
OT2:30 x 12
400m Run/Row/Ski or 800m Bike

Workout Guidance
This workout is all about finding a steady pace on whatever type of monostructural movement we choose. If we’re on a rower, bike, or ski erg then we can guarantee ourselves about 40 seconds of rest if we hold a 2:15 pace on the monitor. For athletes capable of much more than that, this workout turns into more of a sprint interval set-up, where we can push the pace harder given the opportunity for more rest.

Question of the day
What’s the biggest buyer’s remorse you’ve experienced?

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Join Coach Rachel Binette as she details the what, why, and how of working on mindset for sport and for life. Mindset is the least trained modality of our fitness, and it’s the most powerful. Participants will learn the Mindset Rx’d methodology to assess and to train their mindset effectively and efficiently.