Who Do We Appreciate
6 rounds of
200m Bike
400m Bike
600m Bike
Partner holds plank while other partner bikes

Workout Guidance
This workout is potentially a very long time to spend in a plank, so the best way that we can help our partner out is to bike as fast as possible. There are a few hacks we can use to help us, especially on a shorter bike. The first one is to try to ramp the RPMs up as high as we can during the first 50 meters. The second is to put our damper 1-2 notches higher than normal. The third is to set our handlebars more forward than normal, and bike standing up as we lean in to the handlebars. If we do these three things, and our partner does the same, we guarantee that neither of us will be spending too long in a plank.

Question of the day
What’s a unique item you never leave home without?

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