Ocean of Fire
500m Row
400m Run
30 Wall Balls @ 20/14

Workout Guidance
Today we have a workout that’s going to test your endurance and cardiovascular capacity! Whenever we have a longer AMRAP like this, we like to look break down each individual piece and try to guess roughly what a round will take an average athlete. In this case we can think about the row taking around 2:15, the run taking about 2:00, and the wall balls taking us around 2:00. This math gets us to just over six minutes per round, or just under 5 rounds for the total AMRAP. With this in mind, we can start to set goals for how far we want to get in the workout. For me, I’m going to approach this workout as though it’s 4 rounds for time. With this approach, I’ll probably get 4 rounds done and have some time left over that I’ll use to get as deep into round 5 as I can. This type of approach is super useful for us coaches when we’re lesson planning, but also for athletes when they’re strategizing for their workouts.

Question of the Day
What animal do you most want to ride?

CrossFit TILT will be CLOSED on Monday July 4th! We will be doing Glen on Saturday the 2nd at a 7am class and a 9am class, and Open Gym will run as normal on Sunday the 3rd