Sunday Funday
Deadlift – 5 sets of 5, increasing weight each set
After each set – 60 second forearm plank, weighted if possible

Cash out:
3 rounds for quality
20 Double DB Floor Presses (50/35#)
20 Ring Rows (feet elevated if possible)
20 Goblet Squats (70/53#)

WOD Guidance
Elevate your feet on plates or sandbags for ring rows rather than a small box so that you don’t slide around. Use a dollamur mat for the floor presses to keep your elbows from scraping against the rubber floor. The dollamur mat can also come in handy when you’re doing your weighted planks after each set of deadlifts. Even though you’re increasing weight on deadlifts, you don’t need to go to a high level of difficulty to get a great strength benefit from this exercise. That last set should feel like a 7-8 out of 10 difficulty level, not a 10/10.

On Tuesday, August 24th and Wednesday, September 1st there will be no 6:30pm class, so get your fitness in early!
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September Events!

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