Sunday Funday
For time: 1 mile Kettlebell Carry (70/53)

Every 4 minutes – 30 Russian KB Swings

Workout Guidance
Today’s workout is a big time grind that’s going to require a little creativity on our end. For our one mile carry, we can carry the kettlebell however we want, although most athletes are going to find it easiest to hold their kettlebell on our shoulder. We want to pick a kettlebell weight today that allows us to do our Russian swings with no more than one break per set (so maybe 18-12). This should give us at least 3 minutes to carry our kettlebell and accumulate distance towards our mile. The best way to set this up is likely to set a timer on your phone for 4 minutes, and carry your phone with you as you’re walking. Every time the timer goes off, reset the timer, hit your Russian swings, and get to walking again. All told, this workout should take us about 20 minutes, so 5 total sets of swings.