Sunday Funday
 Weighted Pull-ups 5-5-3-3-1-1-1

Workout Guidance
Weighted pull-ups are an underrated movement for developing upper body strength and power. When we’re setting this up, Rx athletes should use the dipping belts provided at their gyms. Keep in mind that when you’re utilizing a dipping belt, you’re meant to thread the carabiner through the opposite end of the belt, then through the hole of the weight plate, before attaching to the same end of the belt that the chain originated from. This will retain the plate better than simply looping the chain directly through. If we’re scaling today, the first place we should look to is the pull-up negative, where we jump our chin above the bar using a box or block and lower ourselves under control for five seconds. We can also utilize a banded pull-up today. For this workout style, the best way to do a banded pull-up is to string the band across the j-hooks underneath the pull-up bar. Just make sure to pick a band that challenges you and forces you to rest a sufficient amount of time.

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