VIRTUAL CLASS SCHEDULE 8 AM Class, 9 AM Bulletproof Back, 10 AM Endurance, 11 AM OLY Lifting
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Life Boat
8 DB Thrusters
4 Burpees
2 Over and Back Hops over DB

3 rounds of
1 min Spiderman
1 min Samson
:30 Gas Pedal

DB Thruster Warmup
5 Slow Air Squats
5 Air Squats
5 Air Front Squats
5 Air Push Press
5 Air Thruster
5 Front Squat
5 Push Press
5 Thruster

Burpee Warmup
3 Up Downs
3 Step Step Burpees
3 Drop Step Burpees
3 Drop Step Hop over DB Burpees

Over and Back Hops Warmup
5 Low Tuck Jumps
5 Medium Tuck Jumps
5 High Tuck Jumps
5 Lateral Hops over DB

Thruster: Squat + Strict Press/Front or Goblet Squat, no press/Push Press
Burpee: Up down/:10 Plank Hold Hop over and back: Step both ways/Jumping Jacks

Question of the Day
What is the VERY BEST side dish at a BBQ?