2nd Annual CrossFit TILT Rowathon

WHEN: Saturday February 8th @ 8 am

  • Doors will open promptly at 8 am: As you and your squad assemble like a sub-par boy band from the 90’s, matching costumes/colors and all, we will be getting ready to open up those doors. or heck maybe you’re so hyped you camped outside all night waiting to get in and lay your eyes on the competition floor.
  • AND LETS TALK ABOUT THAT COMPETITION FLOOR: Rowers will be aligned gosh darn PERFECTLY. Down to the millimeter fam.  And If you are an organization junkie like myself, and perfect set-ups bring you more joy then seeing your kids open the gift you swore you would not get them on Christmas morning, than this will be the PLACE TO BE, on Saturday morning, in Sudbury, on February 8th.
  • As if you even needed to fuel your hype, there will be food and coffee flying out like hotcakes because everyone knows if you like to live on the wild side there is nothing quite like a nitro cold brew immediately prior to holding a blackout pace on your first 500 meters.  This is modern day bravery people.
  • Event 1, The Marathon Row, will go down 1st.  After the marathon row finishes up and I eat a snack the size of a meal that could feed a family of 6 to avoid the inevitable hangry phase of the day, event 2, The 10K, will go down.  I don’t need to tell you how much is on the line with the results of these events, you already know this. But just know there is more on the line in regard to the event standings than your high school senior’s SAT scores.  If your entire self worth isn’t dependent on these standings you aren’t taking this serious enough.  I’m kidding, this is all for charity.  But if you’re not first you’re very much last.
  • Expect to stick around and win some raffles and watch Max run an auction just as well as the guys on one of the best shows television has to offer, Storage Wars. Also, stick around to hang out with some buddies.  If you have to leave immediately after you row, too bad. Stay anyway.  If it weren’t a fire hazard I would lock the doors and make you hang out with me (a bulletproof way to gain meaningful friendships and trust).  And HECKIN HECK if you stick around you may even see Sonny bid an absurd amount of money on a football while Jackie watches in both awe and shock knowing damn well he is bidding away money that could be going into their upcoming wedding.  There goes your open bar you two lovebirds.
  • Once we have wrapped up the whole day, maybe you even want to scoot on over to the one place all great nights in Sudbury,MA end, Lavender, for some fine Asian cuisine and some even finer quality karaoke.  There is truly no other place to end a high class night.
  • All in all, i know for certain there is literally nothing else going on in the entire Metro West area on February 8th, you have no plans, don’t tell me you’re busy, so sign up and have some fun with some friends, you will not regret it.
  • This event is recommended for anyone who enjoys rowing, friendship, and/or supporting charities.
  • Click HERE to Sign Up