November Member of the Month JP!

NO 5:15, 6:15, 7:15 AM CLASSES TOMORROW

50 DB Goblet Squats @50/35
40 Burpees
30 Toes to Bar
20 DB Snatch @50/35

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WOD Guidance
Pick a DB for bigger sets on your squats and snatches
Manageable sets on T2B

Question of the Day
What is the best go-to karaoke song?

Box Brief

With a new month comes our newest Member of the Month, JP Cyr! We are so excited to recognize JP, his hard work, and recent accomplishments for our November Member of the Month!  As one of the most supportive and positive athletes in class, JP embodies all of our values here at TILT, and that’s why he is perfect as our newest Member of the Month! Congrats JP!

JP answered a few questions for us so we can get to know him better

    How long have you been doing CrossFit and how did you start?
I started CrossFit about a year ago in Providence. I had been a volunteer physical therapist at a few CrossFit competitions and was hooked on the atmosphere.

What do you do when you’re not at TILT?
I work as an orthopedic physical therapist which takes up most of my time but otherwise I love mountain biking, fishing, playing soccer and watching sports (soccer, football and hockey mostly).

What is something most of TILT doesn’t know about you?
This past May I was the co-driver/ navigator for a race team in the NORRA Mexican 1000 – A 1300 mile dune buggy race across the Baja desert in Mexico.  Entered with my dad and we won our class!

Have you had a favorite moment at TILT?
Every time Lindsay or Katrina push me to go for heavier weight and I succeed is an exciting moment but my favorite moment was probably the nutrition challenge. I had been getting daily headaches for about a month but once we did the nutrition challenge they stopped! Thank you, Kathleen!

Most importantly, now that you have the Member of the Month belt, what would your walkout song be?
Led Zeppelin – When the Levee Breaks.