Wake up Relph!
It’s Monday!
Time to workout!

Weightlifting Monday?!?! Yup!!! Let’s do it!!!
Power Clean
Heavy Triple (touch and go or drop from the top)


Death by Clean and Jerk @ 135/95
Min 1 = 1 Clean and Jerk
Min 2 = 2 Clean and Jerks
Min 3 = 3 Clean and Jerks
Continue in this fashion until you spontaneously combust…

Post Loads and Scores to Comments.

WOD Guidance
Let’s lift heavy and then pick a moderate weight to cycle for multiple reps!

Question of the Day
What theme should we go with next for naming the workouts?

Box Brief

Give it up for our newest Member of the Month!
Emma “The Check-In Queen” Levy!

Coach Kathleen is coming atcha with not one but TWO blog posts!
Say what?!?!
Click HERE and HERE to check them out.

Saturday, February 9th @ 6:00pm – Gronk Nation Team Rowathon
Click HERE for more details.