Tank Top Friday
10 Wall Balls @ 20/14
10 Push-ups

Workout Guidance
This is a shoulder burn to cap off the week! Todays workout is a short AMRAP where we’re likely to have to deal with a ton of shoulder fatigue. Our first goal should be to keep moving the whole time in this workout. The way that we’re going to do this is by taking tons of breaks on the push-ups. Sets of 3, 2, or even 1 rep are totally okay here. The most important thing is that we avoid accumulating any undue fatigue in our shoulders. In the case of wall balls, this may mean doing sets of 5 reps, or going for all 10 unbroken. The issue that we confront here is that our set of wall balls stops dead as soon as we put the ball down. However we choose to break up the wall balls, let’s seek to spend as little time as possible holding on to the medicine ball in order to save our shoulders.

Question of the Day
A genie comes to you and says he can help you make any muscle group bigger. Which muscle do you choose?