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Overhead Squat – 5/5/3/3/3/1/1/1/1/1

2k Row

Workout Guidance
We started the week with a lengthy lift followed by a killer cardio test, and we’re ending the week the same way. Athletes vary greatly in their feelings about the overhead squat. Those with a background in sports that demand flexibility, such as gymnastics, dance, or wrestling, tend to enjoy overhead squats because the physical traits that they developed in their youth allow them to hit the positions without much difficulty. Athletes who played more traditional field sports, or who may have been sedentary for a long while before coming to CrossFit, tend to struggle with the movement and avoid them if possible. So the question becomes: why overhead squat at all if it’s so difficult for so many people? In short, the qualities that we develop when we overhead squat make us better human beings. When we overhead squat, we improve our balance, core strength, flexibility, and neurological control. Could we improve all of those things using different tools? Absolutely. Is there a more efficient tool for developing all those qualities simultaneously? I don’t think so. 2K row presents a vastly different challenge to most of our athletes. When we row a 2K, our goal should be to keep a stroke rate between 25 and 30 for most athletes. Our pace should feel fast and hard. In my opinion, the best strategy for most athletes is to row the first 500m at about an 8/10 level of intensity, and then try to get a second or two faster every 500m from that point onward. The last 500m we have nothing left to pace for, so we can turn up the intensity, find our dark place, and finish as hard as possible.

Question of the Day
What book have you read the most times?

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