Front to Back
5 rounds of
15 Barbell Lunges @ 135/95
75 Double Unders

Lunges are a tall order for any athlete, but barbell lunges add a whole new component to the game. This is not a movement that we see as often, so expect your coaches to review proper technique for taking a barbell off the ground and securing it on your shoulders for lunges. We can do these lunges with the barbell in a front rack position, but if it’s possible, most athletes will have an easier time performing lunges from the back rack. This requires a level of comfort with popping the barbell over the head and onto the shoulders from the front rack, but given the relative ease of back rack lunges compared to front rack, it’s a skill worth mastering. Additionally, women who plan on attempting this skill should try to wear their hair up on top of their head, rather than in a ponytail, so they don’t wind up catching their hair as they lower the barbell back onto their shoulders. For this reason also, hoodies are inadvisable as the mass of the hood behind your head can make it difficult to rack a barbell quickly on your shoulders. We should pick a weight on lunges that allows us to go unbroken each round, and we may either do forward lunges or reverse lunges today. This is also a great day for double-under practice, so expect your coach to go through a lengthy progression there.

Question of the Day
What’s the one thing that you can’t stand being dirty?

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