Congratulations to John Pellegrino, our December Member of the Month. John is a mainstay in the evening classes at TILT Waltham and is consistently looking to improve his game and get fitter. You can always find John working on skills and drills before class, and nobody gives a harder push at the end of a workout. John took the time to answer some of our questions about his CrossFit experience, and we’ve shared his answers below. It’s been a pleasure getting to work with John and I’m extraordinarily honored that he’s our Member of the Month for December 2021! – Bud

1) When did you start doing CrossFit, and what made you decide to start?

I started CrossFit in May of 2019 and I did so because I was looking to lose weight and become overall more healthy.

2) You’re very consistent about coming to the 4:30 pm class every day. Was there something about that class that you gravitated to, or was it just the time that worked best for your schedule?

I’m not the greatest at waking up early so I favor the evening classes. I prefer the 4:30 pm class as, if I miss it, I can always take the 5:30 or 6:30 pm ones.

3) You’ve put a lot of work in getting better at strict pull-ups and rope climbs. What advice would you give to people looking to improve at those movements?

The advice I would give would be to start wherever you can and try to improve from there.

4) As a musician, what are your top 3 favorite songs to work out to? Are there any songs or types of music that you don’t like to work out to?

I usually listen to Metal or Rock and listen to songs like “Hell on Earth” (Iron Maiden), “Stratego” (Iron Maiden), and “War Ensemble” (Slayer). I don’t have any songs or types of music I dislike working out to.

5) When was the last time you cut your hair, and what made you decide to start growing it out?

The last time I had my hair cut was around 2014. I decided to start growing it out when I got more into Metal music.

6) Other than CrossFit, what’s the hobby or pastime that you spend the most time doing?

I spend a lot of time playing video games in my free time.

7) What’s your favorite movement in CrossFit?

My favorite movement would probably be the rope climb. I went from not being able to climb a rope to climbing one in about 2-3 weeks by coming in 20 minutes before each class and practicing.

8) If you could ban one CrossFit movement, which movement would you ban?

I would ban wall balls.

9) What’s your favorite CrossFit workout?

My favorite CrossFit workout was one involving the bike and a rope climb a few months back.

10) If someone in your life wanted to start CrossFit, but they were unsure or hesitant, what advice would you give them?

My advice would be to just try it out and go from there.