Nothing like the Dudley Chat where everyone knows your name…well most people do…ok maybe like one person does…

Friends and loved ones I’m incredibly excited to announce that the TILT Holiday Party will be held at…

The Dudley Chateau on December 21st from 7pm to 1145pm!
This event will be all you can eat and open bar for an all in price of $25 per person.

Never heard of the Chat? No problemo! Here are some Chat facts for you:

– The Chat was a favorite watering hole for none other then The Great Bambino aka The Sultan of Swat aka The Titan of Terror aka The Colossus of Clout aka The King Of Crash…

– The Chat is tucked away in the beautiful suburb of Wayland right on Dudley Pond.

– The Chat is Phantom Gourmet approved as it’s been reviewed as a hidden gem and a delicious dive!

– The Chat held one of the most epic eating contests this side of the Charles River…that’s right…The AMWAP (As Many Wings as Possible) 10 was an insane knock down drag out fight between two teams of 3 athletes going head to head for the coveted title “Best Wing Eater”. In fact our very own Nick “Big Boi” Cross and Brad “Never Met a Wing He Didn’t Like” Ebel both competed in this legendary battle.

– Rumor has it there is treasure buried underneath The Chat…

– During the filming of Good Will Hunting the entire cast traveled out to The Chat for lunch and Ben Affleck was asked to wait outside because of his despicable role in Dazed and Confused.

– Jackie’s parents met at The Chat many moons ago (I’m telling this story now so she doesn’t have to tell you at the holiday party).

– They have Keno, nuff said.

– The beer is cold and the food is yummy!

I cannot wait to celebrate the holidays with you all!